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Thread: Lenovo G550 "Energy Management Driver" XP driver do not exist

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    Lenovo G550 "Energy Management Driver" XP driver do not exist

    I am using a Lenovo G550 from last one year. This laptop consumes more power. Within few hours it start demanding charging. I want to install energy saving application on this laptop. And there is one I can see in it. It is called as Energy Management System. But this one looks like not working. It also look corrupted to me. I want some help here to use it and enable the power management properly. When I try to do the same I am getting a driver error in it.

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    Re-installing the driver might be enough to resolve the issue. You just have to go on the official site to find the same and then you can run the setup. I am quiet sure that will enable the feature. Here if you are having some kind of battery issue then I do not really think it will be able to preserve the power for longer period. To fix this permanently you have to get a new battery. Just try visiting the official site first and update the drivers. And then try back.
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    You can update all the drivers of motherboard which will include the battery driver also. Each of this type of laptop comes loaded with battery management app. That can allow you to get a longer life. But not very high. You can gain around 5 to 10% of more usage from the same. Simple battery calibration will also help you to increase the battery life and you can do that by allowing the battery to drain completely first. And then charging it back. If still the battery drain fast then you have to replace it.

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    Re: Lenovo G550 "Energy Management Driver" XP driver do not exist

    Hi, maybe you can try to use a software for drivers updating, like driver detective
    or driver genius
    They usually suggest you the right driver avoid long searches.

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    Re: Lenovo G550 "Energy Management Driver" XP driver do not exist

    I don't comprehend why Lenovo don't would like to liberate or generate the S10 Energy Management for Vista. I went to the service center and they told me that with no the Energy Management drive the Fn+F5 will not labor and that told me so as to the S10 was a net book which it ought to only run on Windows XP however funny thing is that they have the appication like EasyCapture, ReadyComm & Veriface for Vista on their website.

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