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Thread: IBM ThinkPad T40 Backup Battery location

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    IBM ThinkPad T40 Backup Battery location

    I am having a IBM ThinkPad T40 which got some issue and i am troubleshooting the same. It is telling me to remove the Backup Battery and the Battery Pack. I have successfully removed the Battery Pack from the same. But when looking for BackUp Battery i am unable to do the same. I have gone through all the manual but did not get any instruction regarding the BackUp Battery. If any one is having the download the same. Thanks you.

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    Re: IBM ThinkPad T40 Backup Battery location

    There is an instruction regarding this is available on the Lenovo site which is having the video regarding the same. Here i am giving you the link regarding the same which might be helpful for you. Here is the link for the same hope you will like it.
    BackUp Battery

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    Re: IBM ThinkPad T40 Backup Battery location

    The backup battery is on the back panel of the device. The backup battery can be removed by opening the back panel with the screw driver. After opening the panel you will see a battery which is off the yellow color, this is the back up battery remove it and continue with the further troubleshooting process.

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    Re: IBM ThinkPad T40 Backup Battery location

    The battery can be removed with some of the precaution which is necessary for the removal of battery to prevent from harm of the system.
    1.  Turn the machine off.			
    2. Disconnect the AC adapter.
    Follow this two and work with the removal of Backup Battery.

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    Re: IBM ThinkPad T40 Backup Battery location

    First of all thanks for all the help that is given to me regarding the problem of mine. I am out of station so couldn't give reply to post. As i have came and gone through all the detail and now have enough knowledge about the backup battery removal. Also now i can perform the operation on it. The help is really appreciable..

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