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Thread: Volume and Brightness display are not disappearing

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    Volume and Brightness display are not disappearing

    I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T500 and i have installed 64 bit windows 7 Professional. When i press the volume button provided on the keyboard so there is nothing wrong with the settings but after i am done with the settings then that box is not disappearing. What could be the problem here, Does anybody have the same problem?

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    Re: Volume and Brightness display are not disappearing

    I am having the same problem on my 32 bit windows vista operating system on which Lenovo update installed 4 updates and now. Mind it that i have nit changed the brightness or volume but still brightness or sound slide as OSD item at the bottom. What kind of problem is this, I mean i have got bored by watching this kind of screen.

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    Re: Volume and Brightness display are not disappearing

    I guess there would be something wrong with an operating system which is responsible for displaying all the things that you input from the keyboard or a mouse or monitor buttons. You have to reinstall an operating system on your laptop and check that the problem has been disappeared or not. Hopefully it must have got solved.

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    Re: Volume and Brightness display are not disappearing

    I think the problem is with the updates which you have installed on your computer and this mistake has been made from the lenovo's end so you will not be able to do anything which can solve this problem so you must have to delete those updates which will not be continuing this problem. So you better not update your lenovo monitors.

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    Re: Volume and Brightness display are not disappearing

    There could be the problem with the monitors function as the volume and brightness display comes when you press the button for the same no matter you have installed any operating system or not so definitely it does not depends on an operating system. I think you should contact with the dealer from where you have bought this monitor and have a talk about the same problem.

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