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Thread: iPod not playing MP4 movies

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    iPod not playing MP4 movies

    Hi everyone,
    I am using my ipod touch 2nd gen and my installed OS is updated well with 3.1.3 however I have some difficulty with the video files there are some of the MP4 format movies or M4V format movies that my ipod getting unable to play, it says the movie format is not supported. What should I require to do in this situation , Do I require to donwload a software or any troubleshooting needed with the device ? Thanks.

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    Re: iPod not playing MP4 movies

    I have recently got the entire first season of "frustrated men" . I converted it to mp4 and associated it to itunes. I can play the files in itunes but when I move to transfer them to my iphone, some incompatibility issues appeared and says that the movies cannot be transferred because iphone does not support that video format.

    Is it true that we can't transfer the files to iPhone .. What's wrong going on with the mpeg-4?? Do you have some suggestion , why it is not working?

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    Re: iPod not playing MP4 movies

    Well, Right click on your itunes window and click "Convert selection for iPod". Well it must be a right format but it bitrate must be wrong.

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    Re: iPod not playing MP4 movies

    The videos require to be made into an iPod/iPhone Version. You can go through the guidelines suggested below :

    1- Import the video which you need into iTunes through the File>Add to Library
    2- Choose the Video you just Imported in the Movies tab. (If you already running with the video in iTunes then you can skip the first step)
    3- Click on the Advanced menu and then choose "Create iPod/iPhone Version"

    You also can go through the attached image below...

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    How do you watch mp4 videos on Ipod touch?

    I am running with a jailbroken ipod touch 3g . I have downloaded a video of which is currently stored into the dTunes. When I start to play this file , something pops up and says that "This movie format is not supported" .. This is an mp4 movie and ipod touch are assumes to play mp4 videos, so WTF? Do you have any idea about this .....

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    How do you watch mp4 videos on Ipod touch?

    There are so many converters are available on the internet to download and convert the files in appropriate format but you need to download the converter that could be used to convert any video files in mp4 video file ..

    • Download mp4 converter
    • Click on the "select files" button..
    • Click on the "convert" button spaecified..
    • Click the button "copy to iPod"
    Select the batch conversion mode to save time and convert your all of the video libraries using single click !!!!!

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