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Thread: Acer Keyboard Cursor moves abruptly

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    Acer Keyboard Cursor moves abruptly

    I am having an Acer Aspire 5720 and the problem is that the cursor moves continuously at time I am typing something. Sometimes I do the typing at the place I do not want to type. I think there is a problem with the keyboard of this Acer Aspire 5720 but I am not confident about it. Can anybody explain me the reason why Acer Keyboard Cursor moves abruptly?

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    Re: Acer Keyboard Cursor moves abruptly

    Well the problem is not so much serious actually the thing is that the mouse pad that is on the laptop is too much sensitive and hence it is responding to your keyboard tapping. That means at the time of typing the cursor is moving. For resolving this issue you just need to set the mouse sensitivity to the lowest and then disable the taping cursor function. I am sure after doing this adjustment you will be able to solve the problem.

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    Re: Acer Keyboard Cursor moves abruptly

    I have this problem, my original question is a very long time interval between the time I enter the screen with a lot of missing letter. I believe that my roll back the driver to solve this problem. Cursor can be seen everywhere, I really do not understand is even more annoying. One solution is to disable touchpad every time you type, this annoying, but I only do it when I sit down to write something long.

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    Re: Acer Keyboard Cursor moves abruptly

    Build quality, from my old Aspire 5110 is a different league, feels very solid and normal use, no conspicuous is given on the keyboard, it is obvious location close to the central grant and on the right and CineDash media console, and numeric keypad is on the left. Touch pad and keyboard on the central, location, and the same as the width of the space bar under the direct.
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    Re: Acer Keyboard Cursor moves abruptly

    The screen is an exquisiteness, the old ASPIRE seems to be completely dull, which can be horizontal and vertical viewing angle. Great width of the need to take some time to adjust, but I found in my opinion using Acer GridVista more sensible because it fits the screen size. With the Blu-ray demo, a comparison shows that the interests of your HD clips.

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    Re: Acer Keyboard Cursor moves abruptly

    I am facing really weird problem with the keyboard, the problem is that whenever I am pressing the space bar on the key board comma is displayed on the keyboard and if I press the letter “b” the “bn” is displayed and if I press “v” and “vf” is displayed. I also called the customer support but the reply is not so much useful. I think the keyboard ribbon is damaged. Any help will be appreciated.

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