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Thread: iPhone network lost.

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    iPhone network lost.

    I have recently bought the iPhone it working fine for last three days but now it is displaying me alert message that the “network is lost” and sometimes it also displays the message that the “no service”. Getting this kind of message after paying so much for iPhone is really annoying. Can you help me to resolve this iPhone network lost issue?

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    Re: iPhone network lost.

    Well you just need to follow these simple steps for resolving this issue. First go to the settings then go to General and then go to Reset and then you have to Reset Network setting. After doing this your iPhone will turn OFF and after sometime it will automatically turn ON. After this you will not get any kind of annoying messages related to the iPhone network.

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    Re: iPhone network lost.

    I am not confident about it but you can try it, may be this can solve your problem. Check the contact between turbosim also second SIM and your current SIM. You are getting this problem may be because it is out of synchronization this is need to aligned properly. If that does not solve your problem then it will better to replace your iPhone.

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    Re: iPhone network lost.

    I decided to stick with the new 3.0 software. The whole thing is going well; everything is still valid, even if slowly. I have added some new applications, download and added there are some problems but do not need to worry about it. I got the "Network Lost" message notification because I have a very low signal, I continue to lose the O2 network, and soon I had to abandon some of the network information is lost! It is not clear to leave any other message.

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