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Thread: How can I change my broken iPod battery

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    How can I change my broken iPod battery

    I guess this is the right section for this query. Am having a Apple ipod which is now 2 years old and hence no warranty. Today while cleaning the iPod, the battery felt down from the 3rd floor and got broken. And i dont have any other battery to use in the same. So am here to know how can i change mymy broken iPod battery ? Please help soon. Thanks !!

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    Re: How can I change my broken iPod battery

    The process to replace an iPod battery is not like we change the batteries of our TV remote, you'll require directions and particular tools for the same. You will have to be very cautious while opening the case of your Ipod. It is quite easy to carry out, but unless you are instinctively pretty practical, I won’t recommend you to attempt this flimsy battery replacement yourself. Just purchase a appropriate 'replacement battery kit' for your ipod that be supposed to come along with the required case opening instrument and complete instruction from sources resembling Amazon or Ebay or your neighboring Electronic component store.

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    Re: How can I change my broken iPod battery

    Usually the leads of your iPod battery are soldered to the logic board. This indicates that changing the battery and resoldering can be done by taking out the wires, which requires substantial technical ability. Apple’s 1st and 2nd generation iPods enclose the battery connected straight to the hard drive by means of two strips of rubber by means of some sort of adhesive.

    This objects sticks! You need to go with a screwdriver or new plane and slim application of options to untie the battery from the hard drive. Try to maintain the rubber strips connected to the hard drive rather than the battery. while free of the muggy death grip, detach the battery and remove it.

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    Re: How can I change my broken iPod battery

    If the iPod is still under warranty then surely get it replaced by the company. And if there is no warranty than it is possible to do it yourself. One sign is that you desire to study about it prior to try. I have fixed a number of iPods and media players. That was little trouble-free. But keep in mind, Apple considers them to be a not reusable item, and guarantee/fix work consists of exchanging the not working iPod for a new one.

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    Re: How can I change my broken iPod battery

    Here is the complete process to replace the broken battery of your iPod:

    Opening the case
    Turn off the iPod, and place the hold button on (so that orange is showing). Insert the edge of your tool of choice vertically between the plastic and the metal, next to the FireWire port. Insert the tool as far as you can, then slide it up and around the sharp metal upper-left corner of the iPod until it's about 10mm from the edge. At this point, pry up and release the first of the five clips (on the left side) holding the two case halves together.

    Once you've released the first clip, continue to slide the blade down the side of the iPod, and the remaining four clips will come apart fairly easily. With one side of the iPod case released, you can now lift the plastic case half away from the metal portion. With it will come all the electronic components, in one unit. Congratulations--your iPod is now open!

    Removing the battery
    First- and second-generation iPods have the battery attached directly to the hard drive by two strips of rubber featuring some sort of evil adhesive. This stuff sticks! Use your screwdriver or another thin, flat implement of choice to loosen the battery from the hard drive. Try to keep the rubber strips attached to the hard drive and not to the battery. When it's free of the sticky death grip, disconnect the battery and throw it away.

    Installing the new battery
    The new battery will install only one way because of the length of the connecting wires, so plug it in and lay it down on the hard drive. Line it up so that one edge isn't hanging off, and press it firmly so that the adhesive grips it.

    Putting it back together
    Once this is done, you can just snap the metal half of the case back on. Charge up your new battery, and your iPod will have juice again!

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