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Thread: Asian language on HTC Touch

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    Asian language on HTC Touch

    I have bought a new HTC Touch mobile phone and i want to ask you guys a bit strange question but i am just asking it for fun. Actually i want to use Asian language on this mobile phone. Is it possible to have HINDI language on this mobile phone?

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    Re: Asian language on HTC Touch

    I guess it would be possible but you need to install the file for those fonts. I am not sure that is it possible to have Hindi Language on your HTC Touch or not but there is nothing you going to loose for trying it. First of all download the file and then paste it into your mobile's font folder. Now you may try using those fonts, I am sure that it would be bit difficult for you to use them even if they would be working on it.

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    Hindi on HTC Touch

    It is possible to have Hindi language on your HTC mobile phone but it wont be applicable for whole operating system of your mobile but you can use it for certain applications such as Word Mobile. And as you would be having english keyboard on your mobile phone so it will take some time for you to get your hands on it while typing Hindi Language. But please note that it wont be applicable for reading the text.

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    Re: Asian language on HTC Touch

    If you want to use Hindi language on your HTC Touch then you need to download the Devnagari (Hindi) Language.
    1. Get connected via activesync
    2. Go to an Explorer and open Mobile Device.
    3. Go to Windows Folder and open Font Folder.
    4. Select Hindi Font.
    5. Now Software Reset.

    Now the selected font would be there to in certain applications which supports for it.

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    Re: Asian language on HTC Touch

    You have got the very much perfect answer by Mr. Owen but still only those application will allow you to enter text in Hindi language and even those application would be giving you some strange results sometime. So it is just for fun then it will be okay but if you want to create something serious in Hindi language on your mobile phone then it would become very difficult for you.

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    Re: Asian language on HTC Touch

    If you wish to have everything in Hindi on your phone which means that changing an operating language of your phone. Then you might have to do a ROM replacement which is available from your manufacturer. You ROM would be of WWE (English Language) version, so you have to contact with the manufacturer for getting the Hindi one.

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