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Thread: TOCCO LITE phone lock code

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    TOCCO LITE phone lock code

    I am using a Samsung Tocco Lite mobile phone. I by mistaken have locked my mobile phone. Now it shows me to enter lock code only. But I don’t know what is the lock code that I have to enter in the code area. I have asked my friends about same but don’t know anything about the Samsung lock code. I also did a search for a lock code on the internet but I am able to find it. So can anyone please help me out for this issue. Thanks

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    Re: TOCCO LITE phone lock code

    If you put the wrong code three times then the handset locks and you will require your PUK code to unlock your Samsung Tocco Lite. The quickest method to get this is from your online account or by calling Customer Care that is an automated feature. You can get the number for calling Customer Care through a landline on the official website of the mobile network provider that you are using.

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    Re: TOCCO LITE phone lock code

    I'd love to know how to unlock my Samsung SGH-E330N phone, so it can accept any sim cards. Whenever I try insert a new sim card then it ask me for the code and I have tried random numbers in the code and because of that my phone seems to be blocked now. Actually I want to use a Vodafone sim card in my mobile phone so if anyone can help me out to solve this issue then let me know about it.
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    Download a free software called Lucifer Samsung tool v1.03 that you can easily get by searching on google.
    • Insert the SIM card and turn on the phone.
    • Connect the phone with the USB cable to your PC.
    • Launch the Lucifer program.
    • Select the correct communications port (com selection)
    • Select the correct phone model (select phone)
    • In a section called Reset phone check option Stack Reset and click on the button Set. This way it will try to unlock your phone.

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    Re: TOCCO LITE phone lock code

    You can also use this code to unlock the mobile phone. Turn on your phone without SIM card, then typed the following codes:
    Your phone might be unlocked now.

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