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Thread: My samsung F480i is on phone lock

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    My samsung F480i is on phone lock

    Hello everyone, I bought a Player Style, but I confess to being somewhat disappointed, there's virtually no customization possible in the colors of the menus only two themes, one red and one green, Wow!. Apparently the menus are worse than the F480 (Player Style). I thought there was a Qwerty keyboard, but apparently there is not so there's one on one, more "low end".

    it is also clear that whenever the person the valve flap leather the My samsung F480i phone locks up and the screen turns off, and me it does not, why? We also see that the hull does not move at all like me, it removes altogether the entire facade of a blow to the back ...

    To unlock, hold button is not very practical, is there no way to choose a different method of unlocking? Finally, for the menus, you can install another firmware, for example F480 menus or themes and more ...

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    Re: My samsung F480i is on phone lock

    Hello Prior to give you a solution to this probem first of all i would like to know some more details
    For your first question , tell me whether is that your mobile phone has a light sensor.

    And for the second question
    No I do not think it to be integrated into the firmware

    And thirdly:
    It may be possible to do, but do not tempt dialable before found a news that will validate your application and testimony.

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    Re: My samsung F480i is on phone lock

    For your first question, I do not know at all, on top of the phone there are two small holes, one with a grid (speaker certainly) and the other looks like a small lens for video. It's weird because I can not find anything about it, yet the person in the video, it's the same phone as me and it will lock every time he closes the valve. But i would also suggest you that the phone lock is very good for your phone because it protects the screen of your phone from being clicked when the phone is in your pockets. So if you even forgot to lock the screen it is quite possible that the phone is locked which i think is very good.

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    Re: My samsung F480i is on phone lock

    The Samsung Player Style has a new interface and dynamic shortcuts to help you get in the blink of Sil to her MP3 player, FM radio, mobile Internet broadband or live TV. The strength of the Samsung Player Style F480i also lies in its 5-megapixel camera that is equipped with an autofocus, digital zoom, an image stabilizer and a detector portraits. its brushed metal finish looks very good indeed and its leather incorporated into its cache battery protects the touch screen perfectly 7cm!

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    Re: My samsung F480i is on phone lock

    If you have lost the security code for your Samsung
    Do not panic execute step by step the procedure which i have mentioned below
    1 - turn on your phone without SIM Card
    2 - type:: * 2767 * 2878 #
    3 - wait for the phone
    4 - remove the battery, replace the battery sim card and restart your phone, this is nothing more than the simple phone code is reset.

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    Re: My samsung F480i is on phone lock

    The second function of 2.5 is TouchWiz personalization features of the mobile. It is therefore possible to insert each of the three offices fast access to phone features, such as setting parameters, activation of the Bluetooth or the clock ...
    In summary, the Samsung is a Star Player Mobile fairly complete, which should appeal to fans of social networks through the integration of shortcuts on the new TouchWiz Interface 2.5.

    Apparently he lost the autofocus and flash relative to a star player but he wins so many other things more essential to a phone! The lack of AF does not penalize me that much on my G705 similar to the definition. For cons, the disappearance of the flash will not use it as a flashlight, but in fact, I do not know if the samsung

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    Re: My samsung F480i is on phone lock

    The Samsung Star Player 2 has a digital camera of 3.2 megapixels. Pictures taken with the phone are correct, both indoors and outdoors, but not exceptional. Regarding the video, the camcorder function lets you record footage in a resolution 320 x 240 pixels maximum. Again, the videos made with mobile nothing revolutionary.

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