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Thread: i5700 Galaxy Portal Wifi Tethering and Froyo

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    i5700 Galaxy Portal Wifi Tethering and Froyo

    I had purchased a new mobile Samsung i5700 Galaxy. I want to connect my laptop to the mobile phone and activate internet connection in it. And this can be done by using the mobile wifi . I had tried everything but I am not able to configure the connection. So here it looks that there is a need of some kind of third party wifi tethering app. I tried searching on web, but I cannot locate anything. Is there anyone who can help me to use my mobile internet on pc.

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    Re: i5700 Galaxy Portal Wifi Tethering and Froyo

    You can try using WIFI Remote Access Basic. It will help you to configure what you are looking for.
    • Launch of Remote Access and Wi-Fi reading the IP address assigned by my router modem to the PDA,
    • PC connected to the modem router's WiFi in the same way as the PDA,
    • Connection to the PDA from the PC via a browser by using the "bridge" the modem-router.
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    Re: i5700 Galaxy Portal Wifi Tethering and Froyo

    Internet connectivity through a mobile laptop or cell has never been simpler than it is by means of Connection Manager LITE. The manager LITE also simply allow you to have control to configure a a entry points. And that can be used for the internet connection. It is essential that your phone must have that feature. Atleast it much have a portable wifi connectivity or else it is not going to work.
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    I wonder if you can connect to Internet from their mobile using the connection of the computer. I have a Samsung galaxy mobile phone and I use the operator new for Internet and Universal Mobile my phone. I have tried several way to connect internet but I cannot able to established a internet connection. Please help.

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