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Thread: Clockworkmod recovery

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    Clockworkmod recovery

    I am trying to switch from DroidMod to Cyanogen with the help of Rom Manager. I am trying to find a proper step of doing the same. But it looks a bit complicated. I had tried looking around on the web and tried a few step. It looks that I am stuck at one place and unable to get a proper settings or process of doing it. After when the process was over my mobile just restarted and there was nothing. There was a pixelated screen and I am unable to do anything on that. I want some help here to fix the issue.

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    I believe that you must flash again. And this time try to find the right custom recovery. I think the one that you are using is not properly compatible due to which you are facing the issue. You can find a proper version from the web and through simple process you can restore the same. Then reboot and done. Your device will start working. That will be the fastest way to fix the problem. Sometime a wrong flashing method cause this type of problem and simple restoration fixes it.
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    To Root your phone.
    • You have to Install ROM Manager with the market
    • Then download the latest Cyanogen
    • Keep Cyanogen file in the root of your SDcard.
    • Now open the ROM Manager and then “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery”.
    • In ROM Manager select “Install ROM from SD Card”.
    • Choose an option for “wipe data”.
    • You are finished with it.
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