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Thread: i5700 Spica Hard Reset?

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    i5700 Spica Hard Reset?

    There is anybody here can help me to continue with the proper procedure. Can you tell me about the hard resetting of Samsung i5700 Spica. I got a thread with proper replies on google issues section for some suggestion . I have already used to do with the call+vol.down+power and home+power, but the phone booted as same . When I use the combination of Menu and power that causes the boot in "safe mode", but I am unable to get any variations in the normal mode, except there is the text "safe mode" in the left-bottom corner.

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    Re: i5700 Spica Hard Reset?

    I am currently using a galaxy i5700 aka sprica and explaining about the whole story, somebody check out the properties pattern recognition was activated and they could not consider the pattern so currently, I am locked out of my phone.

    In this situation, I need some help from you all and it would be most helpful if somebody could suggest me about the hard resetting on boot up to reset factory settings as I am unable to get the menu. I am so not digging the fact I don't have much more currently then a costly electronic brick.

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    Re: i5700 Spica Hard Reset?

    Hello dude !

    I have some suggestion for you and it is right but not much sure about this ;There is not much sure that this can be helpful for you but you can investigate to self test with the help of [call]+[OK]+[hang up]. After then just remove out the battery and then insert that again . After performing this , Just keep down the combo until this cover up on the display, within that , you will get a "reset" option , bit too precious to press it myself but worth a shot! Try this out and post the result of the operation ..

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    Re: i5700 Spica Hard Reset?

    I have some suggestion for you about the hard resetting but before doing all this, you need to be switch in different mode and then start the operation as you wanted to do. According to me, you could try the little known 'safe mode' option in android with the following manner.

    • Turn off the phone.
    • Turn on again and just keep down the menu button and hold it for sometime
    • The phone will start automatically within the 'safe mode in the bottom left'

    This should bypass the lock, so frequently move into the menu and made active it again. If the phone gets lock by itself and you will have to do it again.

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    Re: i5700 Spica Hard Reset?

    Commonly, I considered out the pattern lock and looks more buggy on the spica aka galaxy i5700 and any organization that's dumb enough to launch a product before their own product can even read it should be slapped. Pc studio is garbage which identifies that the spica as different phone and couldn't plug to this . commonly the vendor told that the update for the spica is out yet.

    Though, I am trying to get into the guts of the spica would have been attractive and I require a phone currently and have good things to do with my time so I would say that provide me a new one. Had this done a few months after I got the phone sure but not 4 hours after.

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