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Thread: Installing MyWI on my iPhone and configure Ipad

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    Installing MyWI on my iPhone and configure Ipad

    Now, I am enjoying with jailbroken 2G iPhone that is working on version 3.0 and T-Mobile. I got Wi that is not working with a 2G iPhone, but one of my colleague managed to get MyWi for his own 2G iPhone and we were able to tether that for my 32 GB WiFi iPad without any issues .

    If someone here is able to suggest me something about the installation of MyWi on my iPhone and configure it up with my iPad.
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    Mywi is not working on my iphone 3g 3.0

    I have recently jailbroke my iphone 3g before one day and were not using after that ,I have paid 9.99 for the installation of mywi and but got some issues. Every time whenever I need to enable the tethering, it pops up as something such as "soft reboot may solve the problem". I am unable to solve this issue, what should be the issue and do I require to upgrade my OS to 3.1.2?

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    Re: MyWi + iPad Question

    According to me, you need to go the network setting and reboot the device, I don't think this is occurred because of the upgraded and all. Just you should try to reset the network settings and you will go as you are running previously without any issues.

    Just , Move to the General section and choose reset option and then pick up the Reset Network Settings.

    General => Reset => Reset Network Settings
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    Re: MyWi + iPad Question

    I also recently installed the well suggested and latest version of MyWi on my 3GS 3.1.2 iPhone. I don't know what happened with this and now my wifi is not functioning anymore and suffering with the issues with the 3G. I tried with every possible ways and as suggested in the above post to reset the network settings but after then but unable to heal that issue. I performed the uninstallation and resetting the iPhone but no luck . Still running with the issues,help me TA experts ...

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    Re: MyWi + iPad Question

    The first thing I want to ask you that how you got that you are having the issues with your 3G. How did you identified that. I know, you have tried all the uninstall and resetting operation and no success, but you know it is not the issue with your 3G.

    You should try to go for the reinstallation of Rock, and then after move to the uninstall option of Mywi an install that again. one of my colleague suggest me the same and has been resolved when It was going on with me.Post me back if you are unable to get the solution...

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