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Thread: Is it possible to connect ipad to a seperate mobile via bluetooth?

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    Is it possible to connect ipad to a seperate mobile via bluetooth?

    There is anyone here, aware about such concept and had done it before or not. I am thinking wrongs means Is it possible or not. Does the iPad allow such type of connection with the iPad to a Nokia mobile phone through the bluetooth technique . Just thinking as it would be more simple to type/text on the iPad in the comparison to a Nokia cellphone.

    It could be done simply or I need some other tools and techniques to do it ? Your help would be appreciated .

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    Re: Is it possible to connect ipad to a seperate mobile via bluetooth?

    It can be simply done but you have to be ready with the procedure of simple technique and you can do it with the help of Nokia suit. I am not sure about this technique but you can if your iPad can accept the Nokia suit then you can start the bluetooth procedure from both of the devices and you got success to connect both of the devices..Just try to do it once and as already said that need to check first and be sure .

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    Re: Is it possible to connect ipad to a seperate mobile via bluetooth?

    Hi everyone,

    I am running with some queries. Can I be able to connect a mobile phone with the iPad based on the bluetooth connection?

    I tried to search a lot about this but didn't got anything like that. I got some techniques from my friends but they are also not much sure about this and they were discussing that iPhone cannot be paired to the mobile phones. I considered about this and seems very ridiculous. That's why I don't like to be a Apple user and the techniques followed by Apple. Any idea ...

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    How to Pair & Connect a Device to Apple iPad via Bluetooth

    Who said to you that you can't be able to Pair & Connect any device with the apple iPad. The Apple iPad wifi produced with two separate options through that you can be able to connect your iPad with any of the other devices.

    For example . The Bluetooth and the Wi-fi option. if you are going with this option then it is sure that you require first to enable the option of Bluetooth that is contained within your iPad bluetooth configuration. This option is available within the Settings => General => Bluetooth.

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    Re: Is it possible to connect ipad to a seperate mobile via bluetooth?

    When you are getting ready to start searching for devices from your PC, you will get the wizard of the Add device.

    Once you choose the proper device and going to be ready then your PC will organize the search operation for the dedicated drivers and will show them. Once you commit the connection then it would ask about the creation of pair of the device that indicates that you will have to grant and plug both of the devices through that you can simply transfer the data. The pairing code is generated by default and shown on the display that you require to input on your ipad to make sure that the pairing and committing of the process.
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    Re: Is it possible to connect ipad to a seperate mobile via bluetooth?

    After pairing the devices, your work is not ended up now and now you have to take some other steps. Once such procedure would be completed, you will get another wizard that will make sure that the drivers were also installed and the device are plugged properly.And then after, you got the name of your PC and would be shown on your iPadís bluetooth wizard . Now, it has been completed and you have done the pairing procedure of your device with your PC. The Similar procedure would be used when you need to connect the iPad to any Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse and such type of devices..

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    idea It's possible to have 3G facility in wifi enabled iPad..with mobile

    Connect ur 3G enabled or GPRS enabled mobile to iPad through Bluetooth.turn off ur browsing using mobile Internet.

    Wifi iPad users enjoy while travelling also...

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