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Thread: Use Iphone as mouse for iPad?

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    Use Iphone as mouse for iPad?

    I wanted to know about the combined operation of two popular device, iPhone and iPad and I need to use my iPhone for my iPad as a mouse controller. Do you have any suggestion or procedure to do this and Actually is it possible to do or not. Any suggestion !!!

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    Re: Use Iphone as mouse for iPad?

    I didn't heard about this before, It can be possible or not I am not sure also because I haven't done it before.

    Let me find out on the google about this topic using advance search and then I would tell you, Oh, There is nothing like that I didn't find anything and I don't think it can be done but be continue with this procedure and someone on this forums will reply you,if they have any appropriate information ..

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    Re: Use Iphone as mouse for iPad?

    When you are going to move about the mouse support for apple iPad then you can be confused from your way to get the mouse because Apple don't have any source and availability for iPad mouse support ,yeah you can be able to use the keyboard but that would be connected to the iPad with the bluetooth technology and specially known as bluetooth keyboard for that particular device . But the Citrix have been so much advance and made available in the Citrix Receiver for iPhone and iPad. They supposed it as the Wireless TrackPad. I am not getting why they didnít display it at Synergy itís super cool.

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    Use iPhone as a Mouse on iPad with Citrix Receiver

    Yes ! thanks Fabian to introduce me about this . Hey you can do that easily what you need to do with your phone. Come on at your iPhone and launch Citrix Receiver and use the mouse icon in the bottom right of the display. When you will click on that icon then you will get the message as " Waiting for iPod wireless connection ".

    Now, come up to begin with the Citrix Receiver on the iPad and browse an application. Move to the center top of the display to show the Citrix Receiver Toolbar. You would get a ďPairĒ button and click on that and a message would come up and will ask you for " Confirm the connection at you iPhone" accept that as Yes and you have done your connection successfully.

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    Re: Use Iphone as mouse for iPad?

    Hey dear all who is searching for the issue of using your iPhone as mouse control for Your iPad, you have to just follow these steps to use your iphone as a mouse pad.

    First install iteleport on your iPhone.
    Then come on to your iPad and install veency properly.
    Just quit from touchscreen mode and made it disable during configuration of iteleport to be connect with your iPad.
    -Now, get Connect
    -Fine,You can now able to get the cursor on the display of your iPad and you can control your iPad using iPhone.

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    Re: Use Iphone as mouse for iPad?

    While "power users" always can't be satisfied with anything but completely open access to the regraded iPad file-system, Then in this case, The users always try to go for some other way to do the same thing complete the iPad's file sharing system satisfying according to their requirements. Though some of the queries still remain and likely will until we got the iPad in the wild, I am going to share the technique and functioning of iPad file sharing .

    Each application stored on the iPad, outside of those that's file syncing is managed by iTunes, will contain a documents directory on the iPad where files and their contents can be stored and loaded from. These similar directories will be mounted and displayed on your computer system for drag and drop transfer of documents back and forth among your computer and the iPad.

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    Re: Use Iphone as mouse for iPad?

    I got your suggestion and find more useful information But I have some necessary doubts that still in confusion and I need to share with after getting this post, please suggest me some relative information :

    * Will users be able to make some sub directories under an application's documents directory?
    * Is it similar file sharing system introducing to the iPhone in the upcoming update to the iPhone OS?
    * Will iPads (and actually iPhones) be able to wirelessly share documents between both and there would not be any concept of PC in the middle of both?

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