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Thread: IPhone as a fax modem via usb or BT

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    IPhone as a fax modem via usb or BT

    I am using 1.1.3 8G IPHONE modem firmware. We can use the WIFI on my page, very fast. But back home, I can receive the bluetooth that is not connect to iphone modem. Depressed, but i recived IP and subnet mask (as is automatically assigned). But that is not useBT on the network. I heard IPHONE does not support the IEE 802.1X authentication. Already my computer's local connection property is open. How to use this. So i want to know that how t use IPhone as a fax modem via usb or BT. Please suggest.

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    Re: IPhone as a fax modem via usb or BT

    Check whether your network coverage area. contact your mobile network operators. Connection will use the iPhone Dock and connected to the Mac or PC (not a keyboard built-in) on the USB 2.0 port. iTunes will automatically boot. Follow the instructions on the screen start iTunes and sync your iPhone contacts, calendar, music, photos, Podcast, video, e-mail accounts and Web bookmarks.

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    Re: IPhone as a fax modem via usb or BT

    You need to check DNS settings, router settings is your iPhone's settings. What's also have a long overdue upgrade. You missed a very exciting time for 2 on behalf of the firmware, and now three have come on behalf of the firmware, 1.1.3. You need to check it from the Apple official website.

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    Re: IPhone as a fax modem via usb or BT

    Check the following steps:
    Step 1. The first Bluetooth adapter is not plugged in, running with the Bluetooth adapter provided with the management procedures.
    Step 2. Plug the Bluetooth adapter, reboot the computer system will automatically recognize and install the Bluetooth adapter drivers.
    Step 3. Configure the mobile phone that supports Bluetooth wireless communications. For iphone, for example, from the phone main menu, select "connectivity" | "bluetooth" | "Open Bluetooth", run on a step installed "Bluetooth Manager" program, you can find a phone update. Found in the cell phone icon on the right-click, select the trust device, this time paired phone prompt appears, enter the device number (can be arbitrary), then in the "Bluetooth Manager" for more than enter the same number, then phone will find the computer complete the set.

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    Re: IPhone as a fax modem via usb or BT

    The steps to install the fax service is:
    1. Click the "Start "-->" Control Panel "-->" Add or Remove Programs" icon;
    2. Click the "Add or Remove Windows Components "-->" Windows Components Wizard", select the "Fax Service" before the small box;
    3. The optical drive into the Windows XP installation disk, click "Next", Windows XP will be the fax service to the application. Successfully installed "fax service" option in Windows XP "All Programs" group of "Newsletter" to add the "Fax" entry, as well as in the "printer and fax" process.

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    Re : IPhone as a fax modem via usb or BT

    You need to configure fax service
    1. Click the "Start "-->" Control Panel "-->" Printers and Faxes".
    2. Click the "Printers and Faxes" program entry in the "Fax" icon, open the "Fax Configuration Wizard", fill out a "Name", "fax" and "From Information ", click" Next "to continue.
    3. Enter "select fax sending or receiving device" screen, select the default modem equipment.
    4. Click on "Allow" in front of a small box, in order to send and receive fax with a dual function.
    5. Choose to receive a fax is a "manual answer" or "Auto Answer" and then click "Next" to continue.
    6. Enter "transfer the user ID" and "receiving the user identifier", click "Next" to continue.
    7. In the "Routing Options" screen, select "Print to", select the printer and computer connected to the received fax printed.

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    Re: IPhone as a fax modem via usb or BT

    1. Click the "Fax Console" toolbar "Send New Fax" icon, enter the "fax wizard", click "Next" to continue.
    2. Carefully fill in "Recipient Information", click "Next" to continue;
    3. In the "Home template" to provide a confidential, general, reference to four types of layout options and emergency, while in the "subject line" fill in the subject of this fax, if the contents of your fax small and on the font format is also not too many requests, you can "Remarks" column filled faxes, sent together with the page, then click "Next" to continue;
    4. Enter the fax "scheme", where you can choose to send the fax, the "immediately" send, "discount period" and sent within 24 hours "specified hours"

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