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Thread: iPad will no longer boot up after a rest

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    iPad will no longer boot up after a rest

    I am facing a very critical problem with the Apple iPad 16gb which I have. The iPad was working properly but from past few days the iPad is not booting up. The iPad displays an Grey apple logo while booting and also it is not detected by the computer. So if anybody know why the iPad will no longer boot up then please share some solutions/suggestions regarding the topic. Any help is highly appreciated.

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    Re: iPad will no longer boot up after a rest

    The Apple iPad has a one year universal warranty under which any fault with the device is solved if there is no physical damage to the device. Hence get the device checked by the professional at the Apple service center. The customer care executive will check the device and list all the problems with the device. If the iPad is faulty then you will get it replaced for free.

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    Re: iPad will no longer boot up after a rest

    Have you tried changing the connecting cord? I was facing the same problem with my iPad. The iPad did not get detected by the computer when connected to the computer. I tried to find the solution and found out that the connecting dock of the iPad was faulty due to which the iPad was not getting detected. I changed the dock and now the iPad gets detected on the computer, without any problems.

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    Re: iPad will no longer boot up after a rest

    The grey logo while booting of the iPad suggests that there is some problem with the firmware of the iPad. Apple systems displays the Grey apple logo when the operating system of the device is not accessible. Hence I will suggest that you take the iPad to the nearest apple store and get the firmware of the iPad restored.

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    Re: iPad will no longer boot up after a rest

    Press and hold both power and home buttons until the device turns off.
    Hold the home button the the iPad and plug in the USB cable. Keep the home pressed till the iPad shows a connect to iTunes graphic and iTunes pops up with a 'iTunes has detected an iPad in restore mode'. Let the procedure complete. Disconnect the ipad and check if it is working.

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