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Thread: MacBook keyboard not typing

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    MacBook keyboard not typing

    I am having a very unusual problem with my new system that the MacBook keyboard not typing. This problem happens only sometimes. When I am typing something and cant see some keys typing anything. I am not able to understand why this is happening. Is there some kind of lock that is preventing the keys from typing? Please help me with the possible solutions to solve this issue.

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    Re: MacBook keyboard not typing

    Hello there, the issue about the MacBook keyboard not typing has been solved on this forums already. I hope that you get the solutions from there. Here are the solutions for the same:
    2. Some keys on laptop not working!

    If you are not able to solve the issues with the help of the solutions mentioned in the above threads, then just let me know about the same.
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    Re: MacBook keyboard not typing

    It is required that all the softwares and applications in your system are updated till the current updates to solve the MacBook keyboard not typing issue. If you do not do the upgradation of the applications and programs, then such problems can be caused with the entire system. So, it can also cause problems in the working of the whole computer. I wish you all the best....

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    Re: MacBook keyboard not typing

    There is a need to mention about the MacBook keyboard not typing issues to the officials of Apple or better call the store. They will be able to know why such issues are caused, as they know the entire settings of the computer. So, if you may have not done any required settings, then they will let you know about it and just doing the same can help you to solve the issue.

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    Re: MacBook keyboard not typing

    I suppose that there is some problem with the operating system that you have installed, that is causing the problem that MacBook keyboard not typing. So, I think that you will have to format the system and reinstall the operating system with the correct drivers and all other applications and softwares, that is up-to-date and I am quite sure that your problems will solved after that.

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