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Thread: iPod touch wifi password

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    iPod touch wifi password

    I bought an ipod touch and I can not connect to the wireless network that is in me. When my iPod is looking for a network it is but I can not manage to connect it. And when I want to configure it (IP, DNS, Router, Mask, customer ID) I can not fill it. For info across the network name found, there is a padlock icon and even if I enter my password I can not get connection. What to do? Please provide an information about an iPod touch wifi password. Help me as soon as possible.!!

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    Re: iPod touch wifi password

    I found a way to connect my ipod touch has wifi of my modem ORANGE. Follow the steps :
    1. Go to your "Internet Domain Manager" on your desktop or in the bar at the bottom (orange box).
    2. A small window opens with "connected" green.
    3. LIVEBOX click the symbol of your modem.
    4. hen you click "SET" / password is "admin" modems / on your left you click on "wireless" / finally he wanted to request your security mode (WEP or WPA -PSK) click on "no security" and record and good you can benefit from internet on iPod by connecting to your live box.

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    Re: iPod touch wifi password

    I encountered the same problem as you when I wanted to connect for the first time the iPod touch to my wireless router (Netgear WGT624). My router uses a MAC address filtering, so I took care to retrieve the MAC address of the iPod touch before attempting a first wireless connection. MAC address of the ipod touch is in the category: Settings-General-Information-Address Wi-Fi. Then, after adding the MAC address of the router iPod Touch, I attempted a connection by simply typing the password required (in my WPA2 key -> a string), but it did not work. Probably a mistake on my first use of the keyboard of the iPod Touch. It is true that the fact that the characters of the password to enter do not appear on the screen does not help things. After trying different combinations: Change encryption mode wireless router (from a WPA2 key to a WEP key), then change the password of the router, nothing worked, but I still ended up finding the solution to connect my iPod touch into wireless by following the steps that 'StoaVio' had mentioned.!!

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    Re: iPod touch wifi password

    I was having the similar issue and I soled that. Hope it will be of use to many owners of iPod touch, which will like me a lot struggled to try to connect their iPod touch into wireless :
    • 1st stage: Afresh basics right, erasing the previous network connection settings of the iPod Touch. To do this, go to: Settings-General-Reset-Reset network settings
    • 2nd stage: Establish connection between the ipod touch and wifi router
    • NB1: Attention at this stage, some routers Livebox type, require prior activation of a button to accept the ipod in their list of authorized devices (in my case -> router NETGEAR WGT624, you must configure the router to manually add the MAC address of the iPod touch) except that you do not use MAC address filtering on your router WiFi, this step is necessary.
    • Enter then the exact name (SSID) of your WiFi network in the Name field, then from the Security field, select the type of encryption used by your router (WEP, WPA or WPA2), it remains only enter the password of the network (paying close attention to each character typed and respecting upper well if your password has).
    • From there just click on Join and post what seconds, the WLAN must be established with the ipod. If so, any failure message should appear on the screen. Launch Safari or YouTube, which must then load information over WiFi.

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    Re: iPod touch wifi password

    For those who owns a live boxing: press button 1 and 2 located on it (the box will flash live) and then return control, choose your livebox, enter your wep key. If you are unable to connect to the Internet, try the following things :
    • Get closer to your router or wireless access point
    • If you use a Wi-Fi employees, make sure the Wi-Fi router is connected to a power source and it is activated.
    • The Wi-Fi set as "closed" or "private" does not broadcast the names of the networks to Wi-Fi devices
      • Join a network "closed" or "private" by pressing the Settings> Wi-Fi> Other and entering the name of the Wi-Fi, security code and password.

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    Re: iPod touch wifi password

    If you use a wireless router from your home, consult your user manual or documentation for help.
    • Check the website of the manufacturer of your router Wi-Fi for updates to internal programs or software.
    • Make sure the Wi-Fi router can send a signal 802.11b / g. If you use a router Wi-Fi 802.11n, consult your user guide or documentation to find how to configure a router Wi-Fi compatibility for 802.11b / g.
    • If you use multiple WEP keys on your wireless router, try to configure your wireless router and use a single WEP key.
    • Try to reset (or turn off, then on again) your wireless router Note: If your ISP provides a service cable or telephone service, check with them before attempting this procedure to avoid any interruption of service .
    • Disable encryption or wireless security on the Wi-Fi router to rule out any possibility of encryption problem. If this solves the problem, try using a different encryption protocol or security.

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    Re: iPod touch wifi password

    The following steps should work for you :
    1. Settings-General-Reset-Reset network settings
    2. Established the connection between the ipod touch and Wi-Fi router

    The name of your wireless router should appear.
    Then enter the correct name (SSID) wireless network in the Name field,
    From the Security field, select the encryption type used by your router (WEP, WPA or WPA2), and password

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    Re: iPod touch wifi password

    I struggled so much during three days, and finally, it is super simple to connect his iPod Touch to the Livebox. If like me you entered the password of your administrator page of the BA, namely "admin" and your energy to connect after that, stop! and back to square one. To do this, made "forget this network" and validate (red). Then select your livebox, and as a password, enter the "security key wifi" to be found on the label that also includes the name of your livebox, which label is on the orange envelope "INSTALL Livebox". Personally, I stuck to the inside page of the Guide. You should be careful with capital letters being careful to reactivate the shift key every time, because once you've typed the letter, to disengage it.

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