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Thread: How to play Netflix on wii

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    How to play Netflix on wii

    I have heard that Netflix is now available on Wii console. First of all I want to know whether this is true or not. If it is true then how can I play Netflix on my Wii console? How do I activate my Wii console for Netflix? And also how do I watch Netflix movies with my Wii console? What are the basic system requirements that must be in place to view Netflix online content using my Wii console?

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    Re: How to play Netflix on wii

    First thing that you need to do is to register with Netflix. This will get you your user name. Then you will have to activate your account on NetFlix. This will allow you to watch online streaming of Netflix videos. To get a good DVD quality view it is recommended for you to have a 3.0 Mbps internet connection.

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    Re: How to play Netflix on wii

    For enabling online high speed Netflix streaming you require to get your Wii device connected to internet. You will require a Netflix instant streaming disc for Wii which can be ordered from Netflix. For this you will have to join in on Netflix. And finally after receiving the Disc just enable your account.

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    Re: How to play Netflix on wii

    To get your Netflix account configured with your Wii the following steps need to be followed.
    1. Get the Netflix instant streaming disc.
    2. Insert it in your Wii.
    3. Select Disc Channel from the Menu listed.
    4. Go to Start.
    5. Now the displayed code needs to be noted down.
    6. Either Sign-in or Sign-Up to Netflix and provide the code that is displayed on your television and click on Activate.
    7. As soon as your Netflix account is verified your Wii will provide you with your instant queue.

    Use some other device then your Wii console to enter the code displayed on your Wii console.

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    Re: How to play Netflix on wii

    To view movies from Netflix via your Wii console you always need to insert your Netflix disc. And then going to the Wii Menu and selecting the Disc Channel. Thus you can know view your Movies and TV episodes. There is no method that will allow you to view movies on Netflix using the Wii Internet Channel. So thus always keep your Netflix disc handy.

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