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Thread: MT 6235 Software

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    Re: MT 6235 Software

    Quote Originally Posted by odongotdan View Post
    hi guys, i am looking for MT6235 flashing software since i need to change the firmware of my chinese iphone 4. Please help!
    I dont think there is any kind of Software or Firmware available in the market yet. Chinese phones are not made on such technology that you can update or flash the firmware like we do in another brands. You have to wait till any such tehnology appear in the market.

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    Re: MT 6235 Software

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: MT 6235 Software

    Excusez moi mon anglais est très mauvais.
    je ne sais pas comment configurer mon MT6235 pour naviguer sur internet. Mon ordinateur ne trouve pas de driver

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    Re: MT 6235 Software

    i have a sciphonei68 4G but it say the is unlocked but my t-mobile and only
    say emergency call only i have done thing like take out the s-card and batt,
    but the same please some help is a dual s-card but y just need one .

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