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Thread: Upgraded ipod OS now lost all apps

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    Upgraded ipod OS now lost all apps

    Hi all,

    I am upgraded the Operating System of my ipod. After this update, all my apps and music have been delete. can i restore all the apps and music on my ipod. Any idea? Please suggest. I am in so hurry. Thanks in advance.

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    Upgraded ipod OS now lost all apps

    You need to use iPod data recovery or music recovery software that is designed and developed for users who accidentally deleted or lost music files and folders from iPod digital audio video player. iPod data recovery software, recovery and restore all lost missing music, songs, video albums, delete the MP4, MP3 player, formatted iPod memory files or viruses freeze damage data loss. All the best.

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    Re: Upgraded ipod OS now lost all apps

    I am also using iPod data recovery software:
    # Recover damaged or formatted music, songs, videos, photos and other digital photography files / folders.
    # Full support for all models of iPod, including iPod mini iPod shuffle, iPod nano's, iPod's U2, and other similar devices.
    # Support the iPod's storage capacity in the main drive (including 512MB of 1 GB of 2 GB to 4 GB of 20 GB to 40 GB of 60 GB to 80 GB of audio and video mode).
    # Support music recovery, update or restore using iTunes software.
    # Simple and reliable music Repair Tool is a highly interactive GUI interface.

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    Upgraded ipod OS now lost all apps

    You can use iTunes to your computer's content (such as music, applications, Podcast, video, ring tones, photos, memos, e-mail account settings, address book, calendar, and bookmarks) and the iPhone or iPod touch sync. Some content is only applicable to iPhone, some features require iPhone 2.0 or later software). Sync iPhone or iPod touch to ensure that the relevant content and the same computer. check and reply.

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    Re: Upgraded ipod OS now lost all apps

    I am using CopyTrans that is the ultimate version of the iPod backup and recovery tool can easily be your last data backup iPod to your computer without missing any data. It is easy to use, can support all five generations of iPod, iPod Photo, iPod mini, iPod shuffle and iPod U2, also offers e-mail technical support around the clock. All the best.

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    Re: Upgraded ipod OS now lost all apps

    To restore the iPod touch, please follow these steps:
    1. Before you try to update, make sure to install and run the latest version of the iTunes.
    2. The iPhone or iPod touch connected to your computer.
    3. iTunes the "equipment" under the display when iPhone or iPod touch, to select it.
    4. Select "Summary" tab.
    5. Select "Restore" option.
    6. Resumed until the system prompts you to back up the iPhone or iPod touch settings, select "Backup" option (shown below). If you just back off, you do not need to back up.

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