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Thread: B7610 Wm6.5

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    B7610 Wm6.5

    Hello friends,
    I have Samsung Omnia B7610 WM6.1 mobile phone. In the several forum I have noticed that Omnia Pro B7610 is about to release with WM6.5. I also have same mobile with WM6.1. Anyone know is there any upgrade available for my mobile, if yes then from where I can get it. Please give me information about B7610 WM6.5.
    Thank you.

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    Re: B7610 Wm6.5

    Use following steps to upgrade your mobile phone with new Wm6.5.
    1.First go to the following site from your browser.
    2.From the left side bar select your mobile phone.
    3.Now scroll down to the new Samsung PC studio and download it.
    4.Now install it in your computer and then connect your mobile and upgrade your mobile phone.
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    Re: B7610 Wm6.5

    From where you have bought your mobile phone? As per my knowledge only specific model are shipped with Windows Mobile 6.5. I think there is no new update available for your mobile phone. At this moment there is no update available to upgrade from 6.1 to 6.5. Just contact samsung service center regarding this.

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    Re: B7610 Wm6.5

    Hey I also have the same mobile number with following information.
    IMEI = 35965202033740301
    It is provided by the O2. I am also looking for the same upgrade.

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    Re: B7610 Wm6.5

    Just try to get more information from the following.
    Samsungs mobile phone technical support number= 08456 7267864
    Samsungs Global Download Centre can be accessed at here

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