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Thread: Motorola dext text problem

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    Motorola dext text problem

    I have a motorola dext mobile phone, if was working fine till I had a text problem with motorola dext. Actually i wanted to format my card, but the problem is that now can not even type any thing on the mobile phone. What is the problem with the phone now. I have check all the setting and the configuration. All are correct and to there place. Any help will be great. Thanks in advance

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    Motorola dext memory card

    My problem is that my memory card (2 GB) can not format, same problem the text is not actually working. Also, if I'm going to reformat is always "Formatting Failed". Can anyone help me? But why the formatting is not working. I do not have any clue of this. Please I require help from you guys. I have been stuck with this for a few days now and this is frustrating me now.

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    Re: Motorola dext text problem

    You can format your card without having any problem. The easiest option is, I think:

    - You go to the SMS in your list (so that you the text
    of the man, who has written before you see)
    - now you press "-" and end up in "Messages Menu"
    - now scroll You down to "Setup"
    - from the published issues please "Setup Text." Select

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    Re: Motorola dext text problem

    I had the same problem and because I have done some formatting and the trick was useful. But after a few days because I was in the 80 sms and he began to complain again to the memory is full. Have looked at my internal card and still had half free-how can that be, or is it like the man no longer works from memory can. Any advice on this, I have tried the old trick but it is not working now.

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    Re: Motorola dext text problem

    I still have a much worse problem, whenever I want to start my mobile and a key press the handy later in the secondary and I have to take out the battery again, it is starting to give problem when the same shit again and again I heard the ahb the flash is handy but I do not know how it works. So, how can I fix this problem? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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