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Thread: Disable Touch screen during a phone call?

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    Exclamation Disable Touch screen during a phone call?

    Hi everyone,

    I hope you all can help me. I have used one of the applications which I have downloaded to stop the touch screen from turning off during a call. As if any of the phone line that contains the options and you require to be able to press the virtual keypad to choose specific options.

    However, I would like to have an toggleable key for locking the keypad. So the screen would stay lit up but you had have to hold down one of the physical keys before you could use the keypad.

    Anyone have some idea about how to do it?


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    Disable Touch screen during a phone call?

    I also got an application that is being used to do the same that you have done earlier. lockbot is one of the finest application and does the same for what you are searching for. It will changes your current lock screen to an iPhone containing so many different themes. it also contains the option to lock when a call is made. There is one of the issue with this application is that it freezes your notification screen sometimes. Once they find the resolution it will be a helpful application. The finest application available is named as lock 2.0 this application provides you an iPhone lock too. it does not have that lock option but you configure it to lock when the screen switched into black so when you have a call lock your phone turn back on and it would not be locked but touch the home screen and you will have to unlock that first.

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    Disable Touch screen during a phone call?

    It is sounds like there is something going wrong with the proximity sensor that is destination at the back of the Motorola logo at the top left of the phone. Mine has performed flawless. I put the phone to my ear and the screen blanks out. When I pull the phone away from my face the screen lights back up to let me end the call or select different options. Maybe the solution would be for Motorola to have end call be a slide control just as replying a call. I would find out that the proximity sensor destination is clean and nothing over it such as an accessory case.

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    Disable Touch screen during a phone call?

    I find the same question on another forums where the uses is asking for the same, he also requires the method to made lock or disable the touch screen during a phone call. I don't think there is any manual method is available to do that means there is no any additional option through which you can do this on your mobile phone. you need to have a third party application for this purpose.

    Follow the steps to find the appropriate software for that.

    1- Move to the Download section .
    2- Select Product and then choose the current Model that you carried
    3- Go to Utilities where you will get the disable touch screen software.
    4- Download that and save the executable file and then perform the Installation
    5- Now reset your device to make active the software.

    Now you would free from your problem and you can try it out...

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    Disable Touch screen during a phone call?

    If you are wondering in the locking problem then you need to be aware that there are two types of locks are acquired . I have figured out that if the unit locks and you turned back quick afterward, you to not have to enter in the password section. If you do not move in for a specific amount of time approximately 120 seconds, you actually requires to key in your password. Is it possible that these two conditions I have explained affect whether you consider onto the slider or not????
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    Re: Disable Touch screen during a phone call?

    The issue with the new blackberry bold 9900 is the fact that while on a call the touch screen interferes with calls example placing it on hold, putting the call on speaker or even add recipients to the call. This is not cool! How can one disable the touch screen on the bold 9900 while in a call?

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