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Thread: Skipping during Mp3 playback

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    Skipping during Mp3 playback

    Hi all,

    I am using a Motorola mobile phone.The problem is that the songs skips very often, and after 15 minutes or so the songs totally stops, even if the player seems to continue playing. The problem appear both with the original music player. I'm listening to music using a wired headset. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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    Skipping during Mp3 playback

    If only one song playback is skipped, then it may be corrupt. You need to :
    # Remove the songs, and then update your mobile phone.
    # Used to import the songs into CD, then re-import it. If the CD is scratched or stained, then apps may be unable to import the song. Try cleaning CD, or for a CD.
    # Copy of the new songs to update your mobile.

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    Skipping during Mp3 playback

    If you play all the songs are skipped, and their file sizes are small, so you need to resume mobile. You need to recovery process can not be restored. Motorola apps all your songs and files will be deleted. Always Backupyour important documents. Restore motorola will not affect your library contents. All the best.

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    Skipping during Mp3 playback

    First MP3 data port connection lines and a good chassis, computer if they want to have some songs into the MP3 on my computer, open the removable disk to disk where the songs copied to the removable disk in, if you want to download songs on the website to download the songs saved to the removable disk in. First of all, the first and connected to your computer (USB), if the operating system is XP, you do not drive, wait a minute, a dialog box appears, select Open the folder, then copy into your favorite on OK. All the best.
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    Re: Skipping during Mp3 playback

    May be the strict sense, MP3 is the MPEG1, MPEG2, LAYER3 standard compressed music files out of the current majority of MP3 songs for this format: the existence in the early to MPEG1YAYER1 and MPEG1LAYER2 standard MP3 compressed songs . Our player supports multiple formats including WMA files, including, but not compatible with MPEG1 compression first layer or second layer, and a variety of standard mixture of compressed MP3 songs, when the player to play this song, it is usually skip the song. When you encounter a compatible MP3 player, songs can not format. Check and reply.

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