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Thread: PIN2 code setup in China mobile

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    PIN2 code setup in China mobile

    Hi all,

    I have China Mobile, It have four kinds of passwords Relationship that is PIN code (PIN1) is SIM card. The personal identification code. If not the user changes the original operator to set the password is 1234 or 0000. PIN code, if enabled, boot, then every time after boot must input 4-digit PIN code, PIN code can be amended, to protect their SIM card is not used by others. Note that, if the input PIN code wrong three times, the phone will automatically lock the card, and prompted PUK code Unlock, Please update me how to PIN2 code setup in China mobile. Thanks in advance.

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    PIN2 code setup in China mobile

    PIN2 (PersonalIdentificationNumber2) code is entered when a particular function (such as setting a fixed number, set the call billing, etc.) to enter the personal identification number. Pin2 code is provided by the supplier Sim card to another password, dial-up functions for limited personal identification number, the information used to eliminate call charges, set airtime billing currency and unit cost limit function limited dial-up ("Security settings "---" limited dial-up" can only be opened after the phone call which set the number of available phone book and does not). My phone's Sim card predictive value is 12345. Pin2 after input error code 3 will be locked, needed Puk2 to unlock. check and reply.

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    PIN2 code setup in China mobile

    PIN2 code is used to set the phone billing. If you enter three times wrong, the phone will need to usePUK2 codeUnlock, the process described in the previous PIN code, PUK code the same. However, both the password and network SIM card billing and modify the internal data, it will not open, and even if PIN2 password locked, it will not affect the normal use of mobile phones. Thus, PIN2 code, and not to deliberately ignore PUK2 code. Check and reply.

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    PIN2 code setup in China mobile

    PIN2 and PIN1 as a continuous input error 3 will be locked, need PUK2 to unlock, and PUK2 continuous input error 10 times, all the functions using the PIN2 will be locked permanently, so we did not get in when the 10 million PIN2 Do not go to trial. Talking about here is the continuous input error input error, not a continuous not. All the best.

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    PIN2 code setup in China mobile

    You need to use Big Head 7 has two functions need to use the PIN2 code, a fixed dial-up, one call billing. This function is to lend the phone to prevent unauthorized third parties when used. A mobile phone user to lend the user B, user B only limited user-specified number of call A, non-specified number is not allocated, this function also applies to the collective conditions (such as on the dormitory charge) to prevent others from using and do not delay to it, but after using the find, SIM fixed number of storage space for smaller, only kept from 1 to 10 numbers. When the start time when the fixed dialing, SIM card phone book was disabled, while in the telephone book appeared "FDN phone book", FDN to display your set of fixed dialing numbers. At this point, you can not allocate the phone number outside the FDN. All the best.

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