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Thread: Blinking issue with E-72 GPS

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    Blinking issue with E-72 GPS

    Hi everyone,

    I am using the phone with third party gps software know as sygic and endomondo and I got a flashing GPS status (Ready GPS --> Searching --> Ready GPS and so on). It flashes after bit of seconds and so many times. Someone is here who know or suffered with the same problem and yes then how to solve it?


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    Blinking issue with E-72 GPS

    In this case, I think it is not a hardware something is going wrong with you installed application and according to me the best way to do is just disable the functionality of the software first and enable it again and restart your Phone once and see the chnages on the device gps functionality.

    Try out this troubleshoot and if nothing going to happen then we will search another solution form the same.

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    Blinking issue with E-72 GPS

    You need to consult with the customer support of the software and complain then about your error regarding your status of the GPS activity. Your software is lacking this something other.

    If we just come out from the software related consideration then we find that may be your graphics driver or device is causing this error and it can be resolved if you are going to configure the internal configuration of your device driver.

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    Blinking issue with E-72 GPS

    Hey, why you are not going with the software configuration. you need to configure the software implementation like there may be some changes you need to commit within the software panel and if you are not going with the same then you should uninstall the software.

    Try to uninstall the application that you have installed and check the accuracy of the backup of software and go ahead for installation again if you are sure that you are accurate from everywhere...


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    Blinking issue with E-72 GPS

    Alright, this create a little more sense. Have you tried it from outdoors? The phone has to see the sky so to speak to receive gps signals redirected from the satellites and first position configuration resolution can take a little time.

    Also, if you use an application named as Gps data,then click on the Options=>
    satellite status when you are outdoors and you should figure out some activity on the bar graph on the screen.

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