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Thread: Login Failure in yahoo mail on AINO.

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    Login Failure in yahoo mail on AINO.

    Hi, I have bought a new Sony Ericsson Aino and it was working without any problem until i have not used an internet service on this phone. Actually recently i have got activated it on my phone and i have found that my browser works perfectly with the gmail but when i try to log in with the yahoo mail then it is showing log in failure. What could be the reason here to give me this error in yahoo even if i am entering a perfect password for the same account.

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    Re: Login Failure in yahoo mail on AINO.

    First of all i would like to suggest you to make sure that you are entering a full email address on your yahoomail as it might happen that yahoomail does not recognize your ID without full Email address on Mobile Browsing. Actually it Downloads email from POP3 account and then it delivers it to an Exchange users. And i would like to inform you that Yahoo Mail does not provide the POP service on FREE accounts.
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    Re: Login Failure in yahoo mail on AINO.

    Sometime it happens that if you have entered a wrong password for more times then it might happen that your Email ID has been blocked from the service site. I would like to try by using some other ID on yahoo mail with the same browser. And you should always put your Full Email ID while mobile browsing in mail services. And Make sure that your account is not free on yahoo service which could also be the problem in this case.

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    Re: Login Failure in yahoo mail on AINO.

    I think you are using some typical browser on your phone which might be not be supporting for the Yahoo Mail services. Have you tried to log in for yahoo mail by using some other Browser on your Sony Ericsson AINO because it might happen that it works with some other browser. I am using several browsers on my mobile phone which has different kind of supports for different web sites.

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    Re: Login Failure in yahoo mail on AINO.

    I think it there must be some thing wrong if your browser can browse the YahooMail service and can not log you in. Which means that your browser works with the yahoo but there something wrong entered by you or with your account settings which is blocking you to log you in yahoo mail. Try to log in with some other mobile phone to check this issue. It might happen that your account has been deleted from the yahoo. I think you should try to log in by some other way like click on forget password after entering an Email ID only. Which makes you changing the password which you can again change as per choices. But by doing this it might happen that your yahoomail opens.

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