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Thread: W705 Not Responding

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    W705 Not Responding

    Hello everyone,
    I have purchased the Sony Ericsson W705 few months ago. Now I am facing an issues of 'not responding'. When I listen to music, it often crashes, black screen, big crack in the ears, and when it returns, I have more contact network more more music on the card, required to extinguish and then restart. I have tried to do many things to fix this error but no success.!! Thought that someone over there would help me in sorting problem of W705 Not Responding. Help me as soon as possible.!!

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    Re: W705 Not Responding

    I have a friend right now, with the W705 firmware R1GA031 and it is so slow it is true that it takes a little in comparison to others but not so much I have tried several firmware for example the R1GC001 the latest version is faster but I do not really like me cell I have it as quiet month and a half and I recommend that you update by software and tell me what firmware version you have if after trying various firmwares are still restarting then you should consider bringing in your warranty.

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    Re: W705 Not Responding

    If you want to flash your settings then you should first take the backup of your data. GDFS is the phones "stash", all settings and calibration where is stored data (this goes for the firmwares Also IMEI-resource as well as the SIM locks). Similar to Other brands use of NVRAM (Non Volatile Random Access Memory). GDFS contains a very important variable Need to phone home! If the corrupted GDFS is then starting the phone Will not Start Turning to a dead phone. Rarely gets damaged GDFS. Purpose precaution we've had make a backup of GDFS and that box in your GDFS variables are messed up then we can restore the backup and save the phone.

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    Re: W705 Not Responding

    To connect W705 in flash method, and Performance tasks like flashing the firmware hand, FS to upload files to Golden FS you must have USB Flash drivers installed on your computer. With out Installing USB Flash drivers, you can not use XS + + or Setool 2 lite gold JDFlasher. We Used to use SEUS to do this for us Automatically, goal now SEUS to CID53 phone updates WHICH IS not desirable, so hence we install USB Flash Drivers Manually. You will have to download the necessary drivers.
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    Re: W705 Not Responding

    The following steps would be useful for Installing Drivers (for Windows XP) :
    • Switch off your phone!
    • Remove the battery!
    • Reinsertion your battery!
    • Do not start your phone!
    • HOLDING 'C' on your phone, connect your phone to USB Cable! (Or 2 A2 5 in new SE phones)
    • Do not Leave Out C-through driver installation.

    You get a notification in System Tray! Saying SEMC USB Flash Device. A new window should "APPEAR" Found new hardware wizard "
    It Asks for permission to search for drivers for the device. Select "No, not this time" and click next. Then select the option INSTALL FROM A SPECIFIED LOCATION (ADVANCED) and click next. Then choose "Search for the best drivers in contention rentals", and check the "Include this location in this search", now browse for the Downloaded drivers.

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    Re: W705 Not Responding

    You can also do an Automatic Installation. I am talking about the USB Driver reclining. This Is The Easiest Method. The first 2 methods are manual methods. Now install it, you can use it install drivers automatically. Download the USB Driver Install and Run it. Both this works in Windows Vista or Windows XP. If you want to Uninstalling the USB Flash Driver (s) from Vista then following steps would be helpful :
    1. Goto 'Start' -> 'RUN'.
    2. Type in 'CMD' and hit ENTER.
    3. In the new window That black appeared, type in "set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices = 1".
    4. Nothing should "Happen Since step 3, now, type" devmgmt.msc "and hit enter.
    5. Now, go to 'VIEW' and then 'SHOW HIDDEN DEVICES'.
    6. Go down to Universal Serial Bus Controllers', right click on 'GENERIC FLASH DEVICE' and press' UNINSTALL '.
    7. Mark 'Delete the driver software for this device' and press 'OK'.

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    sad Re: W705 Not Responding

    i dropped my phone on the ground and there is a streak down the middle of the screen now it just wont turn on wat should ui do

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    Re: W705 Not Responding

    It seems that your phone have broken display and that you can work with the repairing of same. If your phone is under warranty then visit the phone store and ask for the repairing which will fix the issue related to the phone. All i can advise you is this only to work with the phone issue which you are going through.

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