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Thread: How to get BB logo in BB Messenger

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    How to get BB logo in BB Messenger

    I am using the blackberry mobile phone and i have seen that my friend uses the logo of Blackberry while we were chatting by using the Blackberry messenger. Even i want to use this logo but i am just unable to find it on my phone. Can anybody tell me that how to get BB logo in BB Messenger?

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    Re: How to get BB logo in BB Messenger

    First of all i would like to tell you that you should check it in your phone first that does it contains the logo of your blackberry in the symbols. It looks like "  " , you can even copy and email this to your blackberry messenger friend. Once you received the symbol from any friend which might look unknown to you then you have to highlight it and then hit the BlackBerry button and go to select move trackball over the image which is currently highlighted.

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    Re: How to get BB logo in BB Messenger

    Once you have sent the BB logo from your BB messenger then please follow the given steps which makes it easier to have BB logo next time as it is been not saved.
    • Hit the blackberry icon button
    • Select "options" and scroll down to "sms/mms text,"
    • Note that "disable autotext" says [no]
    • Save the changes and scroll up to "auto text" and select it.
    • Click the blackberry logo button and go to the New
    • Type in "bblogo" and for the "with" you hit the blackberry logo button and paste it.
    • Save and close it.

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    Re: How to get BB logo in BB Messenger

    I think you have got better suggestions to have a Blackberry logo in your blackberry messenger. Actually the given technique is best way to have it on your phone. Once you have done with the copy pasting and saving part then open BB Messenger. Hit the Blackberry button to edit your name and select "edit my info" and type bblog or whatever you have given the name for the BB logo and press space and VOILAAAA!!! You have got your BlackBerry Logo to use it in Blackberry Messenger.

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    Re: How to get BB logo in BB Messenger

    Thank you so much, Now i am happily using the Blackberry mobile phones logo to send via blackberry messenger. Actually i found it bit complicated for the first time but when i tried it for the second time then it got worked. I suggest the people who are facing the same problem then should try it for multiple times as it works after some practices.

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