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Thread: Calculator application for apple iphone

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    Calculator application for apple iphone

    Hello to all,
    My mother has gifted me a cool new apple iphone 3gs. It has amazing features and it looks very well. I am last year commerce student. I am looking for one Calculator application for my iphone. I want to make some basic calculation on it. Can anyone tell me best Calculator application for apple iphone.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Calculator application for apple iphone

    Hey you have to use Graphing Calculator application for your iphone. Graphing Calculator turns your phone or iPod into an intuitive high-resolution function plotter and scientific calculator. Features include the following:

    * Includes a powerful, yet easy to use scientific calculator.
    * Quickly plot and trace multiple equations on the same graph.
    * Custom keyboard to speed up entering in equations.
    * Pinch to zoom and drag/slide for scrolling the graph in real time.
    * The graph view supports portrait and landscape modes.
    * Take screen shots, and e-mail graphs to yourself.
    * Evaluate your graphs at any x value using the calculator screen.
    * Find the exact (x,y) coordinates for roots and intersections using the trace mode.
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    Re: Calculator application for apple iphone

    You have to use TouchCalc application for your apple iphone. TouchCalc is a comfortable calculator program and offers several different modes. You can download TouchCalc through the Apple AppStore.

    * The scientific mode offers all the usual functions and operations like the basic arithmetical operations, power, logarithm, roots, trigonometry etc.
    * The bit/integer mode offers logical operations (AND, OR, XOR, >>, etc.) on bit level. All values can be displayed as binary, octal, decimal or hexadecimal numbers. Calculations can be done in 8, 16 32 or 64 bits.
    * In the statistics mode you can create a sample by adding several values and then calculate mean, median, quantil values, variance, standard deviation, range etc.

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    Re: Calculator application for apple iphone

    You must use RPN Calc for your iphone. It is very simple calculator application for apple iphone. This calculator offers three display formats:

    ◦scientific: number always displayed with Exx
    ◦engineer: number displayed with Exx format where xx is a multiple of 3.

    You toggle between these three formats by pressing the "Format" key.

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    Re: Calculator application for apple iphone

    I am using Missing Calculator application for my apple iphone. It is very easy to use and install. The Missing Calculator provides the Programmer's calculator. The Missing Calculator operates on and displays 64 bits of data. Do you want to know what it exactly does? Launch the Calculator of Mac OS X in programmer's calculator mode and there you go.
    Device type(s) the application is designed for (iPhone and/or iPod touch)

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