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Thread: AIM for Sprint Blackberry 8703e

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    AIM for Sprint Blackberry 8703e

    Hello friends,
    My uncle gifted me a cool new Sprint Blackberry 8703e. Can anyone tell me is it possible to download application for AIM for a Blackberry 8703e? Please help me to get AIM for Sprint Blackberry 8703e. Please help me.
    Thank you.

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    Re: AIM for Sprint Blackberry 8703e

    Hey you have to download Ramble application for AIM. Ramble allows BlackBerry users to access the AOL Instant Messenger network. The application is free for use and will function on BlackBerry devices version 4.0 or higher. SRA, a leading provider of BlackBerry Enterprise Solutions for the federal government, provides Ramble as a service to the BlackBerry community.

    * Easy access to AOL Instant Messenger
    * No cost for program download or use
    * Enhances use of your BlackBerry device
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    Re: AIM for Sprint Blackberry 8703e

    Hey why don't you use yak-on application for your Blackberry device. I think it is only for $20. It has following features.
    1. Tabbed chat window
    2. Buddy sign on alert
    3. New IM alerts (including global alert dialog boxes)
    4. URL linking for phone numbers, web links and email addresses in the conversation screen
    5. Audio and vibrate for alerts
    6. Set away capability
    7. Buddy add and delete for both services
    8. Groupless and grouped buddy list capability
    9. User selectable conversation window fonts
    10. Buddy status including idle and idle time, away, online and offline
    11. Auto message re-send for improved reliability in low connectivity areas
    12. Auto re-connect

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    Re: AIM for Sprint Blackberry 8703e

    As per my information you have to use IM+ for your Blackberry device. Each has following features.
    • Communicate with all your friends in a single buddylist, share your files and photos.
    • Follow your friends on Twitter, view timeline, favorites, direct messages and replies, and post pictures and voice messages to your own timeline!
    • Send your current location to your contacts while chatting or as a status message!
    • Enjoy unique speech recognition option, which is now subscription available!

    You can download it from it's official site.

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    Re: AIM for Sprint Blackberry 8703e

    I have installed VeriChat application on my Blackberry 8703e and it is working fine. I think you also use this application in your Blackberry device. It is very easy to use and install. VeriChat keeps you connected to Yahoo!, ICQ, MSN & AOL chat networks, when you are on the go.
    It has following features.
    # Customizable alerts.
    # Have multiple conversations with your buddies at the same time.
    # Sophisticated, easy to use UI.

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