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Thread: NB205-N311/W Touchpad Issues

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    NB205-N311/W Touchpad Issues

    Hi All,

    I am using the Toshiba NB205-N311/W laptop, and having window XP operating system over this. But from two days I am getting some problem with touchpad of this Toshiba laptop. The scroll doesn't work properly most of the time, as well as the cursor stutters every 10 or so seconds. I am not getting how to resolve this touchpad issue. If you knows ant solution over this issue, then please let me aware about that. I would greatly appreciate your any help.

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    Re: NB205-N311/W Touchpad Issues

    It seems that the touchpad of your Toshiba NB205-N311/W laptop may have some fault. Because of this you are getting some issue while using it. If your Toshiba NB205-N311/W laptop is under warranty period, then please try to replace the it to contact to the service center of it. This is the ultimate solution over this type of touchpad problem.

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    Re: NB205-N311/W Touchpad Issues

    I am also suffering from same touchpad issue with my Toshiba laptop. Whenever I typing something in notepad and when uses touchpad to move cursor, then notepad windows get closed automatically. I also tried many way to resolve this but without any success. suppose you get any solution over it, then please let me also the same.

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    Re: NB205-N311/W Touchpad Issues

    I think you will need to try the re-installation for touchpad driver of your Toshiba laptop. You only need to install the touchpad drivers which are compatible for your operating system and which is windows XP. Form below link you can download the Synaptics Touch Pad Driver for Windows XP:

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    Re: NB205-N311/W Touchpad Issues

    Hi Friend,

    Please try something below:
    • Customize the touchpad properties.
    • Reinstall the touchpad drivers as per your OS.
    • Take help from Toshiba service center.

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