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Thread: Drivers needed for lenovo laptop

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    Drivers needed for lenovo laptop

    Hi guys,

    can you all help me about searching of drivers, I am having a lenovo notebook with the model sunrise 410L. I just partitioned my system because of virus attack. Now I needed some drivers.

    I did a lot of search but unable to find perfect driver for lenovo web site according to the model categorized . I am using windows xp professional 32bits required this desperately and urgently.

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    Drivers needed for lenovo laptop

    I don't think, It should be happened like this because they issued the device then obviously they provide the perfect drivers for your purchased model.

    If you have visited on the official site of the lenovo then you can find out the proper driver for your selected model and if you have formatted or partitioned the system then which types of drivers you needed to install after windows installation. Something advance or common like sound or like that.
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    Drivers needed for lenovo laptop

    Hello friend,

    I wanted to know some details about your current hardware configuration and some model specification of your laptop like what is the product number tagged on the bottom of your laptop?

    The laptop contains all of the information about your laptop in the back side of your laptop. It should be some combination of numbers in a row of 4 plus a row of 3 letters.Find out and tell me about that.
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    Drivers needed for lenovo laptop

    Hello ,

    Actually, the thing which I had specified are wrong and I checked about that and find the appropriate model number.

    I am glad that I am getting replies from you guys. Actually the product number I found on my lenovo notebook is EB17010470 and the serial number tagged is EB04543505. I can now find the appropriate driver for my self.

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