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Thread: Playing DVDs on Toshiba DVD player

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    Playing DVDs on Toshiba DVD player

    Hi all,

    I have a Satellite L505 laptop and I want to play DVDs on the player. I managed to get Windows Media Player to play a DVD, but when I try the Toshiba player, it gives me an error message. I am using Vista Basic. Please suggest me what can we do? Thanks in advance.

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    Playing DVDs on Toshiba DVD player

    Sometimes the reason is the disk drive pick. Sometimes the reason is because the CD-ROM. Can not even read the disc to another DVD watching time does not read the clear. Try it for CDs, shaved head, if there is dust, can be disallowed try again. All the best.

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    Playing DVDs on Toshiba DVD player

    You can change a few more disks to try to teach you a simple way to look at drive is not really a problem, press F2 to boot from the CD-ROM BIOS startup tune into, according to a system on the disk, if you can read the system disk, then your drive is no problem, if read at the system tray, then your drive will not work. Provided that your system disk must be effective, you can buy a new one. This test can rule out all of the systemic factors. All the best.

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    Re: Playing DVDs on Toshiba DVD player

    You need to download Toshiba HD-A1/HD-D1 HD DVD player, the latest version of Firmware (September 28, 2008 release)New firmware update is as follows: It enhance the ability to read the disk. and Playback capabilities to enhance. Check and reply.

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    Playing DVDs on Toshiba DVD player

    You need to turn on the computer, double-click the C drive. Look under the root directory in the C folder and double-click to open TOSAPINS. You can see that device drivers and some software in it. Just install them and reply.
    TOSHIBA-Assist (ToshibaAssistant)
    TOSHIBA-ConfigFree (Web Assistant)
    TOSHIBA-Disc-Creator (burnCDSoftware)
    TOSHIBA-DVD-Player (DVD player)
    TOSHIBA-Extended-Tiles-for-Windows-Mobility-Center (VISTA Mobility Center Extension)
    TOSHIBA-Hardware-Setup-Utility (SD card formatter)
    TOSHIBA-HDD-Protection (Hard diskProtection program)
    TOSHIBA-Recovery-Disc-Creator (burnSystemCD-ROM software)

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