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Thread: Need some iphone app for ipad

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    Need some iphone app for ipad

    I had just bought an iPad a two days before and when I synced it for the first time it told me to sync it like it was innovative. But I have a number of apps on my phone I would love to in addition have on my iPad but at present that it's synced my apps are the entire acting brand innovative on my iPad. For illustration I have a password app and on my phone it's the entire filled out but on my iPad I have to redo it. How be able to I sync the apps to my iPad with the entire the info that's previously in the app. Do I necessitate resetting my iPad and starting in excess of.

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    Re: Need some iphone app for ipad

    The apps install on an innovative apparatus similar to new they do not carry your user information with them. You would recommend to restoring your iPad with the backup from your iPhone. You are not sure how it determines to run but when you first synced your iPad iTunes asked if you required to setup as an innovative apparatus or from your iPhone backup. This may do what you desire it to do. Post back if you try it.

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    Re: Need some iphone app for ipad

    In addition if your password app has a desktop companion app verifies to observe if you be able to do wifi sync connecting the two to fill your iPad app. The 1password does this but you necessitate together paid apps on your system and your iPhone/iPad. You got this alternative to but synced it as an innovative apparatus and not from the backup. When you synced yours from your iPhone backup did the entire the info from the apps relocate to your iPad.

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    Re: Need some iphone app for ipad

    If you reset it the entire determine to it give you that alternative. If you have only 1Password pro but not for your system, would be pleasant if you did. You are presently afraid to reset because you have done stuff with your iPad previously but you in addition you do not desire to have to redo the entire the info in certain apps, like the password app, stylish girl (that app took forever for you to set up), occasions.

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    Re: Need some iphone app for ipad

    You be able to return to your backup by restoring once more. After the restore is comprehensive, iTunes determine to ask if you desire to utilize your backup. You absolutely be supposed to if you desire keep your personal information intact. Password Safe is none submission that you be able to utilize for ipad. You be able to have right of entry your passwords and confidential information anywhere. The information is stored encrypted on our servers, and is decrypted only on your phone, so your information is safe from everyone.

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