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Thread: Can firmware update fix Wifi issues in Ipad?

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    Can firmware update fix Wifi issues in Ipad?

    I have just bought an Apple Ipad 64Gb with Wifi capability and I am really unhappy with the Wifi performance of the Ipad. I have a Airport express to which I connect Macbook Pro, Iphone 3GS and now Ipad but the signal strength on the Ipad is very weak due to which I am not able to connect to the router from the next room. One of my friend suggested that I should get the firmware of the Ipad updated, therefore I want to know, Can firmware update fix Wifi issues in Ipad?

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    Re: Can firmware update fix Wifi issues in Ipad?

    I dont think the weak signal which you are receiving on Ipad is due to some fault in the Ipad but it is something to do with the wireless access point. The wireless router or the access point which you are using must not be providing enough signal strength and hence you are facing such problems. Check if the router and the access points are configured properly or not. To check the configuration of the router, login to the router using the default IP address and then open the configuration page. Check if all the settings are properly entered in the router. If there are any changes to be made, do it and save the settings. Reboot the router and see if the problem persists.

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    Re: Can firmware update fix Wifi issues in Ipad?

    Disable the Wireless N capability of the router and work on Wireless G. Wireless G will provide more signal with more strength which will enable you to use the Ipad from the next room of your house. As you have a Macbook pro and an Iphone working on the Wireless N band of the router, before changing to Wireless G band be sure that the Macbook and the iphone work properly on the Wireless G band as some device do not support Wireless G connectivity. Changing from Wireless N to Wireless G will solve the problem.

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    Re: Can firmware update fix Wifi issues in Ipad?

    If the problem which you are facing is due to corrupt firmware then it will be definitely solved by doing a firmware update. Firmware of the Ipad is a software and like any other software it can get corrupt or get stuck in a loop which will make the Ipad work improperly. Take the Ipad to nearest service center and getthe firmware of the Ipad upgraded. After upgrading the firmware of the Ipad check if the problem continues.
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    Re: Can firmware update fix Wifi issues in Ipad?

    Thank you for replying to the post really fast. As suggested I changed the Wireless band of the router from Wireless N to Wireless G band and it really improved the strength of the signal but now the Wifi connection get disconnected frequently on the Ipad. Now I have started to think that the Ipad which I am using is faulty. Please suggest some solutions?

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    Re: Can firmware update fix Wifi issues in Ipad?

    The default way of connecting to the Wireless network which is suggested by the Apple website is the main reason for Wifi getting disconnected frequently. Try connecting to the wireless network in the following way to avoid frequent disconnection :-
    1. Enable Wifi on the Ipad and click on Home button.
    2. Open Safari and type the URL of the website you want to visit.
    3. Now provide the authentication password and click on OK.

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