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Thread: Inventory application for Iphone

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    Inventory application for Iphone

    I am using Apple Iphone and i wanted to have an application which can help me to list out all my goods information. I own a shop and every time i have to enter all the inventory details about my products and every time i have to check them. When i am on the way or out of the city i have to go on the internet and then ask my partner to provide the information on the products. So please help me to have an inventory application for my iphone.

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    Re: Inventory application for Iphone

    You can have "Home Inventory" application on your phone, it is the first inventory application which combines the convenience of the iPhone and also the comfort of your computer. You can enter your data either by your iPhone or by the free web application, your data will automatically synchronize between the two providing you duplicate copies wherever you go. The Home Inventory will make it fun, fast, easy, and safe.

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    Re: Inventory application for Iphone

    I use this "Home Inventory" application on my iphone and i can say that it is a great application to have which helps us to maintain the data for our daily use.
    1. It is a free web application which automatically synchronizes between the iPhone and the web application.
    2. In this appliation you can easily navigate.
    3. There are 14 commonly used preloaded fields including: Make, Model, Serial No., Quantity, Purchase Price, Purchase Date, Purchased At, Payment Method, and many more.
    4. You can add a note to any item.
    5. It has catalog which can include anything like games, DVDs, CDs and more.
    6. It is designed for owners and renters.
    7. This application supports 150 country currencies including dollars, pesos, euro, yen and many more.

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    Re: Inventory application for Iphone

    In this new version 1.1, they have resolved the sync clog issue when you use special characters, also it has solves the problem of bug. This application is available on the Itunes and i can be owned with "$4.99", the size of this applicaiton is 0.8 MB, this application is rated 4+ and it is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch which requires iPhone OS 3.1 or more than that. So if you wanted to buy then just go on the itunes and from there you can have it.

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    Re: Inventory application for Iphone

    Before you go for the Home Inventory application you can try Home Inventory Lite which has the same features. It is the lite version and is available for FREE on the Itunes. So if you want to have it then you need to go on the itunes website and from there you can download it. It is a fun, safe and easy way to inventory your home and business. But the Home Inventory LITE will allow you to enter only 10 inventory items. Before buying the full version you can try out with the lite version which is free.

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    Re: Inventory application for Iphone

    It is a great application which i use this application on my iphone and i can say that it is auseful applicaiton which comes with an web application which allows the user to enter in your items data via the website and then you can synchronize the items between the web and the phone application, it means that you always have two identical inventories. So if you are planning to have this applicaiton then you can have it on your iphone which is very useful.

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