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Thread: What are the various types of Apple iPod?

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    What are the various types of Apple iPod?

    I am thinking to purchase an IPod. But I am not having any idea about the types that apple are having.!! So please tell me what are the various types of Apple iPod? Any suggestions regarding the topic would be grateful. Also provide information only about an iPod because I am not interested in others. . Hope that somebody will help me soon by providing useful information.
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    Re: What are the various types of Apple iPod?

    The iPod Touch - This is the new version of Apple's iPod, and is basically the iPhone without the cellular capacity and the camera. It also comes standard with more memory than the iPhone, with 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models to choose from. Beyond the capabilities of a standard MP3 player, the iPod touch has full Internet access through its Wi-Fi, a full touch interface, and lets you play games, movies, and television programs and music MP3.

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    Re: What are the various types of Apple iPod?

    I would like to tell you about the IPod classic. Of the different types of iPod from Apple, this is perhaps the most recognizable. This is the signature style that has existed for years. The features are far from the iPod touch, but what it lacks in the great factor which makes up for storage. Up to 120 GB of music, audiobooks, photos, movies, music and videos can be stored right on your hard drive.

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    Re: What are the various types of Apple iPod?

    While talking about the iPod Nano, you can say that it is the slim model of iPod. This slim MP3 player called the "Nano" for a reason. It weighs about an ounce and a half and is only 1 / 4 inch thick and 1 1 / 2 inches wide. It has some memory of the iPod classic, but its small form factor makes up for it. Also the iPod Shuffle was well recognized. The iPod Shuffle is by far the cheapest of all options. It offers a ton of storage, or a flashy display, but it is a small MP3 player practices that can suite of basic needs of users well.
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    Re: What are the various types of Apple iPod?

    The models of the fifth generation iPod include an LCD (diagonal) 2.5 inch to help you navigate and control everything on your iPod. iPod nano includes a color LCD screen 1.5-inch. The older iPod models with color display includes a color LCD display 2-inch, whereas the classic iPod models include a monochrome LCD display 2-inch. All iPods with a backlit display feature to prevent unwanted selections do not do in the menus if the light is. Any iPod that includes a color screen can display navigation menus, attributes of audio files, photos, album artwork, playlists, volume, progress of the audio file , games, time, personal contacts and calendars, notes and more. iPod nano also displays a stopwatch, a screen lock control, the lyrics of songs and time of various parts of the world, while the iPod with video does the same as iPod nano, as well as incorporating audio capabilities and improved games.

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