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Thread: Kindle DX restarts while using Internet

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    Kindle DX restarts while using Internet

    Hello people, I have a Kindle DX which is running on firmware version 2.0 on it. The problem which I am facing is Kindle DX restarts while using Internet. Whenever I try to visit any website and keep it for loading the Kindle restarts automatically. I dont understand what is causing such problem and hence need your help in solving the issue. Any suggestions/ solutions are welcome.

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    Re: Kindle DX restarts while using Internet

    Firmware of the Kindle is also a software which can get corrupt or can get stuck while executing some functions. If the firmware of the kindle gets stuck then it will restart automatically. Therefore you will have to perform a manual reset on the kindle to bring it back to working state. To perform manual restart, move the slider button to the right and keep it holding for about 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, release the button and let the device sit for about a minute. Then check if the device is working properly or not.

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    Re: Kindle DX restarts while using Internet

    If the Website which you are trying to visit contains lots of components then it will confuse the browser which will result in the browser getting stuck which finally results in the device restarting. Therefore avoid visiting the websites which requires lot of components to be loaded or You can use proxy servers to visit such websites and see if the device still restarts or not. The are many websites which provide proxy server connectivity, one of the website is Skweezer. Use skweezer and see if you are able to visit the website or not.

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    Re: Kindle DX restarts while using Internet

    Are there any hacks installed on the Kindle? If yes then it could be the reason why the device is restarting. Hacks which are available for Kindle are not legal and when installed alter the files of the firmware. If such situation occurs then the some features of the device will not work properly. Therefore try restoring the device to factory settings and see if the device works properly. To restore the Kindle to default factory settings, open the back and remove the battery of the device. Now press the small reset button and then replace the battery. See if the device restarts after restoring to factory settings or not.

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    Re: Kindle DX restarts while using Internet

    The firmware version which is installed on your Kindle DX is very old and hence you will need to upgrade the firmware on the device. The latest firmware which is available for Kindle DX is 2.3. Therefore get the firmware updated and see if the problem still persists or not. The new firmware which is available has lot of features which improves the performance of the device. I think the proble which you are facing will be solved after the firmware upgrade.

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    Re: Kindle DX restarts while using Internet

    Check if the battery of the device is having enough charge while browsing internet. I have kindle 2 which suffers from same problem of restarting while accessing internet. I searched for the solution and finally found out that, the device is restarting due to power shortage. Therefore see to it that the battery has enough charge while accessing Internet to avoid untimely restarts of the device as it can damage the device.
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