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Thread: What things should know about 3G handsets

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    What things should know about 3G handsets

    Hi all,

    3G is the use, rather than empty talk. In fact every day, said the 3G, there are several in use. With the opening of 3G networks, mobile phones have become another hot-topic of User, I want to know What things should know about 3G handset before buy. Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

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    What things should know about 3G handsets

    Foreign and domestic 3G technology is not compatible, even if the start up of the 3G market to all 3G phones are now not necessarily the content can use 3G. Now many cities nationwide are testing 3G network, but only the hands of some officials there, and now what N70/N73 such as these 3G phones that should follow in China's 3G launch is not useful. China's independent intellectual property rights used in TD-SCDMA is the 3G technology, and foreign W-CDMA and EVDO is not compatible. Check and reply.

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    What things should know about 3G handsets

    4G will soon be replaced by 3G. This matter has been put very strange. A technology developed mobile communication is so easy? Which generation of technology is not a 10-15 year life cycle, and the previous generation technology and next-generation technology base for development. Communication network is not only the transmission, or the management and control, as well as a lot of experience. For instance, we are now if it is not 2G, there is no way to quickly enter the 3G, because if we only use 1G, there is no way to establish support systems, there is no way to establish business systems, which should be set up, to form a real application is by no means a Gong Day. No matter what is the world's advanced countries, mobile communication networks from building to improve the required 3 to 5 years. So careful.

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    What things should know about 3G handsets

    Now for 3G development, attention was focused on network building, as if only a 3G network thing. In fact, the network will soon be perfected in the future, US has the world's best GSM network, the reason is very simple, US consumers have become increasingly demanding, but in fact operators has also worked hard, and I believe that US will use three - or so has built the world's largest 3G network, but, 3G network construction is good, the problem is not 3G, the fundamental solution. In fact, this is the basis of step. Services and applications need to be addressed. All the best.

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    What things should know about 3G handsets

    Many people say that the mobile phone, it is easy to say that I needed a mobile phone online? My cell phone just to call and send text messages, in addition, do not need to do anything. Why do I use the mobile Internet, and no one around me to use mobile Internet. So, do we need 3G? 3G is really good? It made me think of the United States began development of mobile communications is that when they do not believe that these developers can greatly popular mobile phones, because the United States have phones everywhere, can still use the phone? The result is the fact that everywhere the phone, we all still have to use mobile phones. We have not begun to use SMS, the SMS can not know what, even some people a long time in contravention of the messages have this attitude, but the text value of today some people still doubt? Now no access to 3G, many people suspect that 3G has no use, 3G services rise significantly, I believe that many skeptics have been driven to become 3G users.

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    What things should know about 3G handsets

    For 3G services and applications, and now not only to solve the bad, preparation is far from being sufficient, operators have the task Crimping, the number of operational considerations not tell the number of services and applications. Other industries, the most recent is the Internet industry, but most people in this circle, or the basic feeling of using the Internet to see mobile communications, the 3G as an extension of the Internet, for 3G is very superficial understanding. We all know that television technology there is no TV, no TV is not OK, but with television and TV, we have forgotten their existence, we are concerned that the program, then the 3G service and should be in the end What is this? This is what we have to solve a big problem. All the best.

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