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Thread: "DNS failed error" on Samsung star GT-S5233A

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    "DNS failed error" on Samsung star GT-S5233A

    Hi friends,
    I have a "Samsung Star GT-S5233A" which i am using it from the last one year, recently i activated gprs on my phone with my network operator i.e airtel. Here is the problem whenever i try to browse any website on my phone i get an error "DNS failed" and it stops there. I don't know what is going on, after having the right setting for the gprs service then also i am facing this problem, please help i am in a need of a solution.

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    Re: "DNS failed error" on Samsung star GT-S5233A

    This error can be from the operator's side which provides you the gprs service, if you face such kind of problem then you need to contact your operator's customer care, they can help you to get rid from this virus and if you want then you can go to the airtel gallary and place your problem there and i am sure that they will provide you the solution for your query. Most of these errors are with the network problem which gets disturbed due to some reasons.

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    Re: "DNS failed error" on Samsung star GT-S5233A

    I think you need to check with the settings of your gprs on your mobile phone. Because it can be the reason that your settings for the gprs is not set properly by which you are facing this error or there may be a reason that your gprs services would be stopped sue to some reason. YOu cancheck it out by having word with the customer care people who take care about your services.
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    Re: "DNS failed error" on Samsung star GT-S5233A

    This error comes on your samsung phowe when you try to access any website through your mobiles browser, So if you don't want to have this error then you need a complete and right gprs and interent settigs from your operators side into your phone. There are most of the people they face this problem due to their srvice povider. The better way is to have a chat with your operators customer care and solve your problem.

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    Re: "DNS failed error" on Samsung star GT-S5233A

    If you want to remove this error from your phone then you need some settings for your operator Airtel that can be done, just do the following setting on your phone which is given below:

    Just you need to have
    1. Connection name: Mobile office
    2. Access point name:
    3. User name: blank
    4. Password: blank
    5. Authauntication: normal

    Just do the following settings on your phone and after that swithchoff your mobile and remove your sim card and after that insert sim card and swith on the phone. After that directly go to the browser and browser for any site.

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