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Thread: Specifications of MSI Wind U150.

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    Specifications of MSI Wind U150.

    Hi, I am in search of a good netbook which i am going to use at my home. Actually i have seen one model of MSI that is MSI Wind U150. It looks quite good but still i want to know all the specifications of MSI Wind U150 as i am going to buy it. What are the peoples review about this netbook and how it performs?

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    MSI Wind U150 introduced in CES 2010.

    In CES 2010 fest MSI came up with its convertible touchscreen netbook named as MSI Wind U150. This netbook will be competing with the Asus Eee PC T91. Specifications of this netbook are not released by the MSI but i think it would be lot similar to the MSI Wind U210. Lets hope that MSI Wind U150 would be better then the Asus Eee PC T91.
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    Rumors about MSI Wind U150 without Windows 7's multitouch.

    Rumors are spreaded that the MSI Wind U150 which has been shown in the CES 2010 will not be using the Windows 7's multitouch functionality. This netbook uses the resistive instead of a capacitive touchscreen. But i am extremely sorry to say that this netbook will at least take 9 to 10 months coming in stores.

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    MSI Wind U150 will be using Pine Trail Atom platform.

    MSI is hoping that it will be the first company to launch netbook with the Pine Trail Atom platform in MSI Wind U150. But since the Intel have not yet launched the latest Atom processor in the market, MSI too can not assure that it would be launching its touchscreen netbook with this processor. But I think MSI could be waiting for this processor as it shows improved graphic performance and improved power consumption.

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    Re: Specifications of MSI Wind U150.

    MSI Wind U150 has a 10-inch convertible touchscreen with the windows 7 installed on it. But before launching this netbook MSI will be launching another model of Wind that is 12” Wind U210 on which AMD platform has been used. This will be available in two variants, One with the Windows XP, 1GB of RAM and 160 Gb HDD for $379 and another would be having Vista Premium for $429.

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