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Thread: Forgot security code for my nokia 2680

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    Forgot security code for my nokia 2680

    Hello friends,
    I am using nokia 2680 mobile phone which is with me from the last five months. I was using security code to keep safe my phone from the other people, whenever i want to use my mobile i have to enter the security code and after verifying it get unlock. One day i forgot to lock it and someone changed the code of my mobile phone. Now when i enter my old code it doesn't accept it. I am in a great trouble i am not able to access my mobile phone, please suggest me a solution for this problem.

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    Re: Forgot security code for my nokia 2680

    Your phone is prompting you for a security code when you try to access your mobile phone or you restart your phone.You need to try to enter the default security code i.e "12345", you have to try this only one time. If it still prompts you the security code then please go to the nearest nokia care center and ask for the inspection. The nokia people they take care of this problem and they provide the solution for it. If you want then you can first contact them by calling their place and tell the problem if they say yes then visit their place.

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    Re: Forgot security code for my nokia 2680

    There is a simple solution for your peoblem. If you want the solution then you need to have your mobile phones IMEI number which is used to recover the forgotted security code of your phone. You need to go to the google and type in the search box "nokialockcode", there will be the result and the list of the sites, you have to find the name of the above mentioned in the site if you find one then enter in that and do the needful what the site wants you to tell you to recover your security code.

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    Re: Forgot security code for my nokia 2680

    You can get your security code with the help of a software which is called "MCODE" which can be installed in your mobile. You can download it from any mobile site and install it on your mobile. After installing it in your mobile then enter the imei number and then you will get a new ten digit code which will be your new security code. After getting the new code then enter it when security code is asked in your mobile phone nad your phone will be unlocked.

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    Re: Forgot security code for my nokia 2680

    If you want to unlock your phone then you need to reset you nokia mobile phone by enterring the code "*#7328748263373738#". This should help you out to reset your mobile phone and it will help in deleting all the waste datas and set all the setting of your phone. Resetting a mobile phone is a great idea and it will make your phone look as a new brand. If an error occurs in the nokia mobile then you can use this code to clean your mobile phone.

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