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Thread: nokio 6600i increase video length?

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    nokio 6600i increase video length?

    Hi people,

    I want to increase the video length on my nokia 6600i so that I can record at least a 3 minute video on a good quality. Do I need to buy a larger sized micro sd card in order to automatically increase the video record length? At the moment i only have the 1gb memory card that comes with the phone.. But it only allows me to record about 1 minute of footage per video and even then its on low quality settings.

    I would really appreciate it if someone could help me, preferably someone who has most definately found a way to increase the length of video recording, thanks!

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    Re: nokio 6600i increase video length?

    This is because the memory that is been selected in order to store videos might be made by default as phone memory. Change it to memory card that you have purchased. It will then set the video footages to the memory card and then you can store a increased video length data. Select the memory type as Memory card.

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