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Thread: Mac mini does not go to sleep

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    Mac mini does not go to sleep

    I have recently bought a Mac Mini which is installed with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow leopard. The problem is I cant put the Mac mini to sleep mode. Whenever I put the mini to sleep mode, it shows that it is preparing to go to sleep and then wakes up immediately. Also sometimes the Mini goes to sleep but it wakes up on its own. If anybody is facing the same problem with Mac mini then please help me in solving this issue. Is this because of the operating system?

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    Re: Mac mini does not go to sleep

    As the Mac mini which you have bought is new, It will be under the 1 year warranty cover of Apple. Hence the best solution to your problem will be to taking the Mac mini to the nearest Authorised Apple service center and get the Mac mini checked. The Technician at the apple service center will check the Mac mini thoroughly and will tell the exact problem with the Mac mini due to which you are not able to put the Mac mini to sleep. If there is any hardware which has to be replaced, then it will be replaced for free.

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    Re: Mac mini does not go to sleep

    Most of the problems which are faced by the Mac users with the Mac system are solved either by doing a PRAM reset or SMC reset. SMC reset is only applicable only if the Mac system has an Intel procedure. If the Mac mini has an Intel processor then follow these steps to perform a SMC reset.
    1) Shut down the computer and remove the AC power adapter.
    2) Now remove the Battery.
    3) Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds and then release it.
    4) Once the button is released, let the computer sit for a minute and then replace the battery and the AC adapter.
    To perform a PRAM reset.
    1) Locate the following keys on keyboard (Apple, Option, R and P)
    2) Now Press and hold the following keys while starting the computer.
    3) Keep holding these keys till 3 startup tones are heard.
    4) Once 3rd Startup tone is heard, release the keys and let the system boot normally.
    Hopefully after performing PRAM reset your problem will be solved.

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    Re: Mac mini does not go to sleep

    Have you installed any application lately on your Mac Mini? If yes then it could be preventing the Mac mini from going to sleep. Many applications when installed create problems while running some basic features of the operating system. To check if any installed application is creating problem or not, boot the system in safe mode. To boot the system in safe mode, first shut down the computer. Press shift key while the computer is booting and before the startup tone is heard. Keep the shift key pressed till the system displays an Apple logo with safe mode written on it. Release the key when Apple logo is seen. Now let the system boot and see if the Mac mini can be put to sleep or not. If the Mac mini is put to sleep then find and remove the application which is causing the problem.

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    Re: Mac mini does not go to sleep

    It can be because of corrupt installation of the operating system. Many times the files of the operating system get corrupted due to some installed application. These corrupted files should be replaced for the proper working of the operating system and the computer itself. If you have the installation disk of the operating system you are using then Insert it and repair the operating system which is installed on the Macmini. You can either install fresh copy of the operating system or Choose Install/archive mode which will enable you to use the applications which are installed on the previous operating system.

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    Re: Mac mini does not go to sleep

    Check the Power preferences of the Mac mini. I think the power preferences of the Mac mini are not set properly and hence you are facing the problems while putting the Mac mini to sleep. Go to system preferences and check the power settings. If there are any settings which need to be changed, change it and then save the settings. Also open the Activity monitor and check the all the processes which are running in background. It is possible that the background processes are not letting the Macmini to sleep. Terminate all the unwanted processes and see if the Mac mini goes to sleep or not.

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