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Thread: Best FM Transmitter for ipod.

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    Best FM Transmitter for ipod.

    Hi everybody, I have bought a new apple ipod. Apple have made great product for listening the music but when it come to listen fm then your ipod would become bit boring. I am in search for one fm transmitter for my ipod. Can anybody suggest me best fm transmitter for apple ipod?

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    List of fm transmitter for iPod.

    I have found some really good fm transmitters to listen fm in your apple ipod.
    1. Kensington 33199 FM transmitter.
    2. Griffin Tech iTrip Auto FM Transmitter and Auto Charger for iPod.
    3. Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter with SmartScan for Apple iPod and iPhone.
    4. iRiver I-River AFT-100 Mobile FM Transmitter.
    5. Macally Docking, Charging, and FM Transmitter Station for iPod.
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    Kensington 33199 FM transmitter for ipod.

    I have one all time best fm transmitter for listening the fm radio on your ipod. The Kensington 33199 FM transmitter does not only transmits clear audio but also charges the iPod. This can also use car's DC power source for charging. Kensington FM transmitter provides simple up and down buttons located on the front of the device to make functions more easier. This transmitter cuts down on FM static when transmitting.

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    All-In-One Kensington 33199 FM transmitter.

    Kensington's fm transmitter called as Kensington 33199 FM transmitter is an all-in-one Digital FM Transmitter/Auto Charger. This transmitter can transmit fm radio to the ipod and can charge your ipod by using your car's power. It provides superior wireless audio quality and FM reception. It has quite brighter display which makes it attractive. This product comes with 2-year limited warranty and free technical support.

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    Griffin iTrip Auto : fm transmitter for ipod.

    Griffin iTrip Auto is perfect for the ipod to listen fm. iTrip Auto is made for both an iPod charger and FM transmitter. It is the specially made for the car use while listening to your ipod. It provides you the large display which makes it easy to read what frequency is being transmitted. Griffin's iTrip Auto have provided the SmartScan feature to pick up the best FM station. You can also use it with the iPhone.

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    Macally's Docking, Charging, and FM Transmitter.

    Macally's Docking, Charging, and FM Transmitter Station for iPod makes you charge iPod devices securely in the car's cup holder and listen best and clearer fm radio stations. Full Fm spectrum provided by this product is 88.1MHz to 107.9MHz for the clearest channel. It has a feature which can play last used frequency which is stored in memory. This product is compatible with all the types of iPods.
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