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Thread: Unable to restore Iphone - Error 28

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    Unable to restore Iphone - Error 28


    I will explain my problem, my iphone is frozen on the recovery mode, I have the latest version of itunes, I run the restore, I downloaded the firmware 3.0.1, it starts loading bar and it finished by I say an error occurred (error 28), I managed to pass this error but still waiting on the iphone and after I return to the starting point, I tried to downgrade to 2.2.1 but I can not downgrade ... What is my problem?

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: Unable to restore Iphone - Error 28

    In Recovery Mode, you can reflash the phone through iTunes using the BIOS .Ipsw file. This solves many problems.

    To access Recovery Mode:

    - Hold buttons simultaneously Home (black button with a square on the front side), and click Power (top). Ayfon will slide off the phone, then the screen goes off and covered with thin whitish lines. Do not release the button. After 15-25 seconds the image appears on the screen cable and icon iTunes. Now you can release the button.

    - Connect the phone to your computer and open iTunes. In a message to check for updates click "Check Now". After that, iTunes will show the iPhone in recovery mode. For flashing hold Shift and click on Restore. In the file selection enter the BIOS file you want to use.

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    Re: Unable to restore Iphone - Error 28

    Try DFU Mode to restore Iphone :DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode is different from the Recovery Mode that acts to bypass the operating system directly to the iPhone and reflash firmware. This is an effective method and it allows us to solve problems such as inability to reflash via iTunes in Recovery Mode, inability to unlock the phone, etc. I would recommend to use it always, to avoid unnecessary trouble with flashing and unnecessary problems.

    To enter DFU Mode:
    - Quit iTunes;
    - Connect your phone to the computer;
    - Turn off your phone;
    - Hold Power and Home buttons for exactly 10 seconds;
    - Release the Power button but continue to hold Home until the computer displays a new USB-device. That may not happen - in this case, hold the Home for 20-30 seconds;
    - The phone's screen will not be included in DFU Mode, do not wait;
    - Open iTunes and follow the above instructions for flashing. Screen phone may appear white - this is normal.

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    Re: Unable to restore Iphone - Error 28

    Have also tried with first story above the jail break through redsnow after crashing to reboot (ie made by me) a hard reset it. However, to restore via itunes through custom firmware 3.0.1, it means that the firmware is not compatible. Is this because firmware 3.1.2 already installed on my own iphone and itunes is the latest firmware out?

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    Re: Unable to restore Iphone - Error 28

    I also have the same problem. I upgraded to OS 3.0. The other day my phone just froze and now its stuck in recovery mode. I've tried almost everything I can. Establish a new user, uninstall all Apple software on my pc, etc, re-installed iTunes. Every time I go to restore I get the same message, "An unknown error (28)", during the stage of "preparing iphone for restore". I tried several other tricks like setting the phone in DFU and try on a different computer, but nothing seems to work.

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    Re: Unable to restore Iphone - Error 28

    Solution for error 28. to restore Iphone, follow the process below :
    1. Download redsn0w 0.8
    2. Download iPod 7A341 IPSW 3.0
    3. Jailbreak the device. If you can not do, then you have to learn to put your device into DFU mode. Most people do not know how to do it properly. In DFU mode the device seems to be off.
    4. A very important step as jailbreak the device - should be noted, redsn0w does not give to install Cydia. That means Apple telling us not to jailbreak.
    5. You will receive the message "Restore" again after receiving a screen that shows a hard disk and the message 'Download data Jailbreak'. This is normal.
    6. Go to iTunes. Restore from there. The restoration will go through.

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    Re: Unable to restore Iphone - Error 28

    guys i have a iphone 3gs running 4.1 and got error 28 while restoring my jailbroken device what do i do?????? please help! i knows its probably a software issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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